Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pollo Feliz in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

My in-laws pretty much know all of the DELICIOUS restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, so it came as no surprise, when they took us to Pollo Feliz.

Pollo Feliz is a Mexican chain restaurant that got its start in Sinaloa in 1975. Pollo Feliz specializes in pollo asado al carbon, or grilled chicken in English.   Like many Mexican restaurants, Pollo Feliz serves a botana (totopos and salsa) when you are seated, to pick at while waiting for your food, yumm! Pollo Feliz is inexpensive, definitely get a bang for your buck, or in this case pesos.

The menu at Pollo Feliz also consists of GIANT quesadillas, french fries, salads, and a few desserts. To drink, you can grab a soda, flavoured water or even a beer.

So what did we order?
For four, we ordered a whole pollo asado al carbon, which came with grilled jalapenos, fresh handmade tortillas and salsa on the side and 2 quesadillas GIGANTES. Yes, they are actually giant quesadillas, they measure 30cm!

How to eat Pollo Feliz
You can eat el Pollo Feliz in many ways; you can grab the pollo asado al carbon with your fingers and eat away, or you can pull apart the pollo and place it on a tortilla and roll into a taquito! Oh, and don't forget to add some  of that fresh salsa. You can also pull the chicken apart and place it into  the  quesadilla. And if you want a little kick, take a small bite of the jalapeno before biting into your quesadilla...

We visited the Pollo Feliz sucursal in Downtown Puerto Vallarta. It is small, but spacious and clean. They have restrooms and sinks to freshen up. Staff is friendly.

Pollo Feliz Downtown Puerto Vallarta
Honduras 171
5 de Diciembre, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Pollo Feliz!
The GIANT 30cm quesadilla
My pollo asado al carbon and quesadilla


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