Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bob's Big Boy in Burbank, California

Before heading to the Ellen show in Burbank, CA our friend Ana Lydia from Cabeza de Coco took us to Bob's Big Boy, the home of the original double decker hamburger! Oh boy, were we in for a TREAT! This was our first time at the Historic Californian restaurant.

As soon as we opened the door and took a few steps in, we were warmly greeted by the host! He politely asked for our name and number of guests...when we asked how long the wait would be, he told us around 10 minutes and also mentioned that there were a few seats available at the "bar" if we wanted....

YES! I love eating at the bar, especially at diners or places that have that old school vibe, ya know what I mean? Hehehe. So we we quickly seated at the bar...and greeted by our server, Alma (who was GREAT, she told us about the classic car show held every Friday night and the 50s costume contest and classic car show trophy night held the first Saturday of every Month)!

I really couldn't keep my eyes off of all of the memorabilia and decor in Bob's Big Boy, it was BEAUTIFUL!!! Directly in front of where I was sitting, there was a two tier glass case with the original model of the first Bob's Big Boy, different size Big Boy figurines and toy cars from the 1950s. Ah, I wish there were more places with the retro feel of the 50s!! Oh, and I heard that THE BEATLES ate here while they were on tour in the 60s!!

At Bob's Big Boy you can buy anything from the classic breakfast favorites (pancakes, french toast, belgian waffles, omelettes, etc) to burgers (their FAMOUS BIG BOY burgers, gourmet burgers and sandwiches) and Bob's Classics Chili Spaghetti. Wait that's not all, they also have quesadillas, fried chicken, steak, shrimp/fish and Italian spaghetti!! And for those who prefer salads, they have  a couple choices for you too! 

Bob's Big Boy has a great list of dessert classics from the 50s! Milkshakes, floats, sundaes, pies and cakes! Oh, and the classic Coca-Cola (Vanilla, Cherry and Chocolate).

So what did we order? I ordered "The Original Big Boy Combo" which is their original double-decker hamburger with two all-beef patties on a grilled sesame seed bun with crisp shredded lettuce, American cheese, dressings, an their "special" relish. It is served with french fries and a salad. I got onion rings instead of fries tho :P 

The dinner salad was a big portion and there were many dressings to choose from. I went with my favorite, Ceasar. It even came with croutons and parmesan!
Original Big Boy Combo: $8.59

And to drink I had to have my favorite classic, a root beer float made with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream and a whole lot of root beer! So much, that it's served on a saucer for the over-flowing root beer hehehe. 
Root Beer Float $3.59

Check out the original double-decker hamburger and root beer float below!  I ate everything and was one step away from lickin my plate...ahahaha it was THAT GOOD! Everything tasted fresh!!

My husband, Gabriel ordered the "Super Big Boy Combo" which is basically the same double-decker hamburger, just with 50 percent more meat and cheese! Don't mind his mixture of ketchup, mustard and hot sauce on the plate..lol
Super Big Boy Combo: $8.99

And to drink he had a Rich Vanilla Milkshake made with real ice cream, topped to the rim with whip and a cherry on top! There was also a little extra in the silver tin it was made in to fill up, yuuum! Gabriel says it's one of the best milkshakes he's had.
Rich Milkshake: $3.89

Uhm, my mouth has been watering the whole time I've been writing this post and now I want a double-decker hamburger and a root beer float!!! But it's clearly TOO early for that, so I will go back to sleep and dream of being at Bob's Big Boy eating...what's in the photos below ahahaha.  Have a great day!! XOX
4211 W Riverside Dr
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 843-9334


  1. Que fotos más chulas!!! se nota que lo pasaste muy bien besitos


  2. You went to the Ellen show?!?! I am so jealous of you right now! Haha. Those burgers look absolutely delicious too, it looks like you're having a great time! Love your look too dear, that skirt is so perfect!

  3. What an awesome place! I would love to go to a diner like that! You wore the perfect look! I am so jealous that you went to the Ellen show!


  4. yuM!we no longer have a BBB here in San Diego.But, I totally remember going to Bob's Big Boy when I was little with my grandmother. Even then I knew I loved big boys because I totally always tried hugging the statue. LOL

  5. This is adorable. I love this kind of stuff. Can't believe I haven't been!


  6. Such great pictures - It looks like a lovely, fun trip!

  7. Aww you guys are SO cute! Looks tasty ;)

    xo Carlina

  8. It looks like you have a great time. Oh rootbeer float..i wanna try that :)


  9. rootbeer flooooooat~! gah ok you makin me thirsty! gimme soooome XD looks tasty ;) hihi


  10. Yumm!
    <3 Becky #GIG

  11. Retro places are so much fun. There is a retro place in Berlin that I love eating in. Just wanna play the jukebox all night long.


  12. LOVE the Root Beer Float :)
    <3 Chaicy

  13. WoW this is definitely one big boy burger! I am hungry and so jealous right now!!
    Maria #GiG

  14. That root beer float looks delicious and that burger is huge! ^_^

  15. Oh my gosh yum! I want to have the root beer float so BAD! This place is definitely on my to-do list if I ever visit Cali!

  16. I've always had a thing for burgers. And these looks so delicious! I love your red skirt too [or is it pink? sorry too much editing is make me sort of confused!]. It's so pretty and vintage-y :)

  17. That rootbeer float looks heavenly!! heje this year has been a year of firsts for you- especially in the food category! ; ) glad you had a great adventure, hope y'all have many,many more.

  18. I haven't had a root beer float in ages, YUM! This looks like such a fun restaurant to visit. So glad you guys had such a great time! :)

  19. Qué delicia! A mi me encanta ir allí y darme mis buenos banquetes de comida.

  20. Que rico todo! se me hace agua la boca y que lindo lugar!

    ¡FELIZ DÍA!ॐ

  21. OMG! everything looks so delish! It looks like it's a MUST when visiting, right?

  22. mmmmm que tentación ¡y que rico!! Ojalá abran uno cerca de mi casa para ir a probar ¡excelentes precios además!!

    Great pics!! Thanks for this recomendations!!

  23. WOw, that root beer float looks delish!

  24. Cuando estuviste en Burbank.. ahí es donde vivo yo.. avisas a la siguiente y como siempre muy linda ...


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