Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Polo, Dior and some Gold

I remember growing up in the 90's and dreaming of the day that I could finally raid my mom's closet! I actually remember the first time I went looking through her closet, it was a school day in June 1999. It was my elementary school "graduation" and I picked out a long silver maxi skirt and matching sleeveless top, obviously! It was the late 90s, when matchy-matchy was totally cool hahaha. I totally have to find a photo of my twelve year old self :P

I haven't stopped raiding my mom's closet since I started back in 1999. Even after moving out, I always seem to slip away into her closet. It's even a family joke, when my mom can't find anything, she always says that I must've borrowed it hehehe. 

Anyways, my mom has been in Honduras for the last month, so I've had the liberty of spending a lot of time in her closet. And the outfit I am currently wearing belongs to my mom, everything except the shoes. Unfortunately, I grew out of size 7 when I was 15. :( So we can't share shoes. 
I love borrowing pieces from my mom's closet. I feel like I'm a little girl playing dress-up...hehehe. 

Have you ever raided your mom's closet?

wearing: Ralph Lauren top - Ralph Lauren skirt - Christian Dior shoes - Cowichan Vest


  1. Holaaaa, me gusta un monton tu blog, así que por aki me quedo.

    <un besote


  2. no,se la quito a mi hija (paula tiene 12 años)y luego me riñe

  3. beautiful!love that skirt.you look amazing!

  4. Nice! I just did a post in my Mom's clothes too :P I love that vest and gorgeous red skirt! Awesome gold accessories as well!

  5. Lovely outfit, you look gorgeous dear! ♥ XOXO


  6. I raid my Grandma´s closet, she has so many beautiful things, I "stole" a pair of peep toe Nina shoes that are just perfect, as well as some awesome accessories.


  7. ¡Qué guapa! I can't raid my mom's closet because we don't share the same clothes size, but sometimes I stole something from my sister's closet.


  8. You look so BEAUTIFUL, Nina!!! Love your makeup and that amazing braid. Yay for mom's and their stylish closets. ;)

    xo Carlina

  9. Me encanta mucho este look. Te vez bella! El detalle de la trenza verde me encanto y los aretes estan de "show", como decimos en Puerto Rico. ;)

  10. jajjajaa yo le robo ropa a mi madre :D
    me ha encantado tu blog!!

    DIY and more:
    diyearte by L & S

  11. me encantó tu peinado y maquillaje! Yo siempre tomo cosas de mi mamá! haha

  12. pero que guapisima! me chifla la cinta en el pelo


  13. Hola guapa me encanta el look, tu blog es genial te sigo ya en google + !!!


  14. Hola guapa! gracias por tu comentario! me ha encantado el blog! me quedo por aqui y podemos compartir cosas juntas! un besote!

  15. Gorgeous!

    I've never raided my mother's closet but I should!


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