Monday, January 21, 2013

Tortalajara in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Part Two: Tacos Dorados)

Gabriel and I love to eat, eat, and eat when we are in Mexico. When we were in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico we discovered a new little spot, Tortalajara, that served some of our favorite Mexican food, tortas ahogadas and tacos dorados.
My usual order would consist of 1 torta ahogada and 1 taco dorado! Mmmm...

So what's a taco dorado? 
A taco dorado is a deep fried taco. It can be filled with anything, but the most popular fillings are frijoles (beans), papa (potato), requezon (cheese) or meat.

It is very common to put several topping on taco dorados. In order, you would put shredded cabbage, sliced onions, tomato sauce, hot sauce, and lemon!

Tacos Dorados are very affordable and filling at Tortalajara, just 6 Mexican Pesos each.

What to drink when eating a taco dorado? Well I'd recommend getting a delicious michelada (alcoholic), they are 1Litre at Tortalajara and only cost 45 Mexican Pesos. If want a non-alcoholic beverage, a Coke-a-Cola would be refreshing.

Have you tried tacos dorados before?


  1. looks delicious! great dress!

  2. Looks delicious now i am hungry haha ♥ XOXO

  3. Que ricos! que pena de dieta estoy haciendo!
    Un besazo!

  4. NINA!!! I'm soooo glad you found me again haha! YES i am finally back in Vancouver and have been slowly adjusting back to life "at home" again. haha.. it's weird after being gone so long!! and OH MAN, i remember commenting on your blog when i got back but it must have been ages ago and maybe not on a super recent post so maybe you didn't see it! haha... but now that i visit your site again i see you've been posting LOTSSSS so i'm gonna catch up on reading your recent entries ;)!!!


  5. ΜΜΜΜΜΜΜΜ!!!Very good!!!Beautiful glog!!I'll follow you!!Kisses.

  6. Yummy!! Aunque parezca raro, nunca he probado comida mexicana. Creo que va siendo hora de que me anime a hacerlo, porque los tacos tienen una pinta deliciosa!! xoxo!

  7. Tiene que esta rico

  8. Wow! It's a great idea to look on blogs when you're planning a meal. Definitely givinh these a try!
    Bella @ sea and salt
    Following back :)

  9. Nina, you just made me super hungry! They look very yummy!


  10. I'm starving! Now I want un taco durado... Mmmm


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