Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Memories [Honduras]

Christmas in Honduras has always been my favorite, there's just something about being in a tropical country with the extended family, reventando cuetes [blasting firecrackers]. Can't forget about the delicious comida tipica that is eaten on this special day!

Some of the typical foods that will be eaten on Christmas (and  New Year's Eve) are tamales. Mmmm, my mom makes the best ones, and I really need to learn how to make them because when she's not home for the holidays, we're left wishing! LOL.

So what are tamales? Tamales Hondure~os are made with a masa which is filled with pieces of pork or chicken, and veggies: carrots, garbanzos, rice, green peas, green olives and potato cubes. They are wrapped in banana leaves and are steamed. Some people eat them with lemon, hot sauce, or ketchup. In my family, we like to eat tamales with all three! My husband, who is from Mexico, eats the plain and thinks it's funny that we add ketchup to our tamales.

Ticucos are like tamales, except they are steamed in corn husks and only filled with beans. Ticucos are eaten with mantequilla. Also SO DELICIOUS.

Another awesome Christmas tradition in Honduras is blowing up firecrackers at midnight! We usually buy enough to last us a couple hours. And it's cool because the whole village is blowing up firecrackers. I know that some people like to fire shots in the air, but I don't want to advocate that since it is pretty dangerous.

Music is another important part to Christmas in Honduras, it is always playing! In our case, it would be blasting from the stereo, as we boogy down to some punta. Gotta work off all those calories ;) Hehehe.
The last Christmas (2008) I spent in Honduras was the last time I saw my grandpa Moncho alive.  Beautiful memories, that will live with me forever.

My parents are currently in Honduras, and I know they are having a blast!!! I can feel their positive energy, and am so happy they get to spend it with their siblings, parents, nieces and nephews!



  1. You need to teach me how to dance punta lol. In Nicaragua the tamales are called Nacatamales and they are HUGE lol but we also eat them plain.

  2. I completely understand you! I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic so when I miss a xmas there, the memories keep me positive!

  3. There's something about Christmas in our childhood homes isn't there? Glad you have such great memories and I hope you'll be able to celebrate there next year. BB2u


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