Tuesday, November 9, 2010


hola! how is everyone doing? it's been a week since i last posted, srry! I've been incredibly busy w/ wedding planning, vacation planning..& organizing donations! :) donations, you ask? well lemme tell ya that i have a charity, called little drops of love & the main purpose is to make care packages & personally deliver them(consists of: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap/shampoo, undies, beanie babie,) to street children in impoverished cities that i visit while travelling. I also collect new&gently worn clothes for babies/toddlers/kids in impoverished villages.. if ya got time ya can check us out on R facebook page!
anywhooo, this is what i wore today: comfy and warm, but not warm enough on the legs! The weather decieved me, i didn't think it was going to be AS COLD AS IT WAS! hehehe. 
boots:thrifted (dr.martens)


oh right, YESVEMBER!!! that's what i decided to call November because the word "no" shouldn't be involved in the name of a month.lol. it just doesn't sound optimistic!!! ahahaha. so YESVEMBER, it's the optimistic month, the month were everything counts, try your best at everything you do/encounter! make the year end on a super duper high! 

thank you so much 4 reading/lookin at pictures/comments/following! 


  1. I love how colorful that shirt is! Plus, I wish I was able to pull my hair up like yours and still look chic. Fantastic pictures! :)

  2. Yesvember! haha Brilliant. And I love your knit sweater :D


  3. thank you ladies <3 . hope yall had a great day!

  4. Love that blouse! The colours are amazing & it looks perfect layered under that dress xo

  5. Oh Nina my darling, you're the cutest!!!

    First of all, I think the charity you are doing is very noble. It's a simple idea and yet will create a great impact on these kids life! I hope I can help, but how? I'm from another continent, girl! :))

    I love your outfit! You rockin those colorful dress and boots! I've missed you down here at our blogging community!

    By the way, are you getting married?

  6. Love, love the dr. Martins!!! I want a pair of my own. Sounds like u r super busy with fun & happy things :) take care

  7. thank you for your comment and i think the drss with the blouse is so beautiful and the cherry on top that beautiful knit cardigan!!

  8. hahah loved YESVEMBER!! Great. Love the look, great top. xx


  9. I love that sweater ! Cute look ! :)

  10. thanks for your comment.feel free to follow x

  11. I love the idea of "Yesvember" hehe. Your colorful outfits and awesome charity go right along with it :D


  12. Darling, there are too many Luna Carolina on the net! Please add me up??? Email is : lentech19@yahoo.com :)

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  14. love your boots and cardigan especially! I have yet to discover a pair of doc martens at a thrift shop. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    aaaah I forgot to respond to your question, sorry! I think you can get those cookies at Save On, Price Mart, anything. Costco is your best bet though, and they come in bigger boxes there too (:


  15. have you always had your nose pierced?! I did in college, and I loved it!! but alas it got infected when I tried to take out my stud and replace with a badass ring like your pretty nose ;)I miss it.

    GREAT philanthropic cause by the way! your such a good person Nina!

    besos, Carlina

  16. oh god, you are so pretty and stylish! damn, such an inspiration!

    xx J



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