Friday, December 21, 2012

SONORA AL SUR in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

After hearing great reviews about Sonora Al Sur from our family in Nayarit and Jalisco, we were very eager to finally try this Nuevo Vallarta hotspot. 

Sonora Al Sur is different from other restaurants; before taking a seat, you are asked to go into the "butcher" to select your choice of meat. You also have to decided on how big or small you want your piece, which is great because you can get a piece that you will finish! Then you move along to the cashier, where you tell her how you want your meat to be cooked (medium, rare, etc), pick out any of your sides (quesadilla, queso fundido, baked potato, salad, etc.), choose a  beverage and pay!
When you get back to your table, the server has put out three fresh handmade salsas to accompany your cortes finos. Their complimentary appetizer, frijoles de la olla have also been served. Did I mention that they are bottomless and SO DELICIOUS. Yes, you can get refills of these yummy beans for when your carnita arrives. 

Their fresh hand made tortillas are also complimentary, and made right before your eyes.
The meat and sides like baked potato and onions are cooked on this huge grill in the middle of the restaurant. 
Just writing this post is making my mouth water! Everything about Sonora Al Sur is great; the food, the service, the price, and the environment. I can't wait to go back to Nuevo Vallarta and eat at Sonora Al Sur: Boutique de Cortes Finos again!! If you are ever in Puerto Vallarta/Nuevo Vallarta I HIGHLY reccomend you visit Sonora Al Sur.

Below is my plate the first time around: Frijoles de olla, a side of salad and a juicy piece of arrachera!! QUE RICO! The next week I tried Vacio, queso fundido and a quesadilla which was also very delicious!
Sonara Al Sur: Boutique de Cortes Finos
Blvd Nuevo Vallarta No.64 (Frente a la UT Nuevo Vallarta)
Open: Everyday 1pm-10pm

For complete menu visit their Facebook page.


  1. My mouth was watering when reading this post, everything looks delicious!

  2. they all look sooo yummiiii!great pics too.

  3. Qué pinta tiene todo, mi preciosa amiga.

  4. AMazing!!! This looks so good, girl! I got your Christmas card yesterday, and it made me smile!!! Love your artwork, and constant friendly outlook. Peace, and cheers to you and yours this Christmas!

    xo Carlina

  5. Thanks for the comment in my blog.=)

    Your blog is so cute!!! :))))) Love the pictures! Yum yum :)

  6. its do great to travel and try new things, bravo :)
    im following you on gfc now, pls follow me back, tnx for comment <3 :)

  7. Amiga no nos vimos para nada cuando estuviste en México, que lastima de verdad tenia muchas ganas de verte. Espero todo este bien y espero también pronto ir por ahí. FELIZ NAVIDAD!

  8. Hola guapaa^^ muchas gracias por tu comentario!! Que buena pinta que tiene todo, parece que tiene que estar riquísimo :)



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