Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lifeables: Organizing pictures, videos, and so much more!

Since I have family and friends in many corners of the world, the internet has improved how we connect throughout the years. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t know what so many of my families and friends little babies look like. Thanks to these different social networks on the internet, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram we’re able to have that online connection with family and friends who are near and far.

I enjoy sharing pictures, videos and posts on my various social networks, especially to Facebook, since the majority of my “friends” are family who reside in a different country. I love that I’m able to see photos of of loved ones during special moments in their lives, that I wasn’t able to attend, like a wedding, or a birthday. I love sharing photos of recent milestones with loved ones because that allows them to share the moment with me. I hope that when they are browsing through the photos, they feel as though they were there with me. For example, our wedding in Guadalajara, many of my family members from Honduras and USA were not able to attend, so we posted several of the photos onto Facebook so that they would be able to see our special night. During my wedding, I took various photos via my Instagram account to keep a record of what I looked like throughout the fun of getting hair and makeup done. I also tweeted a  few photos of my bridesmaids getting ready!

I have so many photos on different social networks, that sometime I get overwhelmed trying to organize (or download/screenshots) them manually, that I more than often give up.  But, recently I was introduced to Lifeables, which is kind of like a virtual scrapbook that organizes all of your photos, videos, posts and even events! It's super fast and easy to do. You sign up, connect your various social networks and let Lifeables do the organizing for you.
"Lifeables is the first service that automates the entire process of capturing, sorting through, organizing and displaying your family stories. In just seconds, Lifeables will filter through all of your content, bringing together the pictures, posts, videos and comments most important to you – formatting everything automatically." And to top things off, this product is completely secure and free! 

Now, all of my pre-wedding photos, tweets are organized! Hehehe, I think this product is especially awesome for organizing all of those milestones in your life; wedding, babies, graduation, trips, etc. What are you waiting for? Give it a try, it's FREE.

Disclosure: This post is compensated and in collaboration with Lifeables and Latina Bloggers Connect. OPINIONS ARE MY OWN.


  1. Muy interesante la recomendación.. Saludos amiga,

  2. I have so many supplies for scrapbooks just in boxes- I think Lifeables might be more my style. Thanks for the info.


  3. Yo soy una amante de las fotos, tengo como tres cajas de zapatos y 7 albumes llenos, pero con esta alternativa, ya puedo olvidar de eso y digitalizarme un poco más, a la vez que le ahorro espacio a mi PC.

  4. Going to have to look into this. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Organization is key. I need to try this site out. Thanks for the info.

  6. I love this service. I think the layouts are more contemporary and easy to use. Nice review!


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