Monday, October 3, 2011

Give it Away

I enjoy giving things away, it is one of those things that gives me pure pleasure and happiness. Monthly, I go thru my closet and pickout a few things that I no longer wear/use and donate it to my local thrift shop! This thrift store's earnings go toward supporting the homeless in our neighborhood! I love to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty.

I fundraise money to make care packages (toothpaste-brush, vitamins, beanie babies, and stickers) to giveaway to street children in countries that I travel to. I will always be more than willing to give my love, and time to those who are in need.

I sincerely believe that this world has the possibility of being a greater place, a PARADISE, for all of it's inhabitants! What are you doing or willing to do, to help our world?

 I'm a little passionate about this..... :) Please, check out this amazing organization, Students Helping Honduras


  1. Mira k Bonita persona eres. Really Nina. Much love.

  2. OMG!!!! you are the cutest EVER! I cannot decide if I love the hat+ pink lipstick or brown leather bag with BLUE RIBBON on it more! :D
    Eres Bella adentro y afuera!

    Sigue adelante!

  3. pretty :D

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  4. @lasophia: gracias, amiga!!!

    @stefanie: girl, you are too kind! xo

    @des: you make me blush!!! hehehe you ccan love it all equally :) that bag was my grandmas..and was missing this leather string, so i added the blue ribbon.. :) gracias for your kind words!!!! xoox

    @mihaela: thanks darling!!!

  5. I love giving away things too! It's so rewarding to give something to a friend, co-worker, or stranger and they get so much joy out of it. Better yet, you also have a clean closet! It's a win win!

  6. look at you- fierce, honey, fierce! xoxoxo from CA!!

    xo Carlina

  7. First off, I love the pictures! What kind of camera are you using? And wow, you are so noble and selfless. I wish there could be more people like you in this world. Life would be so much sweeter if everyone took the time to care for others.

  8. @lindsay: totally!!! glad to hear we are on the same boat!

    @carlina: thanks booo!! you always know how to make my day!!!

    @chinkygirlmel: thanks! i'm using a nikon3000, i think! :) couldn't agree with you more, lets just spread the love :)

    @mira: thanks dolL!

  9. Ame tu outfit! Te ves hermosa!!
    Xx so

  10. Thanks for your coment!
    kisses from

  11. You are too cute, LOVE that hat!

  12. whatever u're doing its great.god bless you n keep going!

  13. You two are adorable! Thanks for the comment. xo


  14. me encanta el sombrero verde, qué genial!


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