Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle

Do not fear, but believe.

Miracles exist.
They can occur at any hour, on any given day. Did you know that YOU can perform miracles? Yes! YOU! It is actually quite simple; share what you have with those who have much, much less that you. 

Local Miracles:
  • Make a *care package* and give it to a homeless person in your neighborhood/city
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • Make a simple lunch (sandwich, juice box and fruit) and give it to a homeless person. If you are up for it, make a few!
  • Volunteer to be a big sister or big brother in your community
  • Volunteer at a retirement home
  • Donate blood
  • Become an organ donor
  • Volunteer at a hospital
  • Volunteer to work with at risk youth
  • Buy a bouquet of flowers and take them to someone in the hospital 
  • Bake cookies for the folks at a retirement home
Miracles Abroad:
  • Sponsor a child
  • Make a *care package* to send with a friend/family who is going travelling. They can give this care package to a child who lives on the street.
  • Volunteer to help build a community. Ex: Students Helping Honduras
  • Volunteer at an orphanage
  • Write a letter of love, and encouragement. Don't address it to anyone and give it to a friend who is going travelling and inform them to give it to a random person on the street while abroad.
I hope I have inspired you to perform a miracle, or two; local or abroad. Together we can create change. Besos, bendiciones y buenas vibras.


  1. Preciosas fotos y aún más bonitos pensamientos.

  2. great picture!! love the ruffles!!

  3. Hey girl, thanks for the never ending positivity! Love these shots of you- looks like the sun finally came out in BC!!

    x Carlina

  4. Lovely thoughts! You are such a good person, thnx for sharing!

    xoxo lorena


  5. Mamasita. You are radiating. Thanks for all your help with the concurso. I didnt win in the end, but I tried my darndest. I had to take a break from the internet after that plus we were visiting the suegros. Take care amigis.


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