Wednesday, October 5, 2011

That's it, I'm going goth/punk!

While we were waiting at an intersection in Downtown, this group had caught my attention! Especially, the young lady to my left! Her attire was so awesome, something I have always wanted to wear, but have not had the time (or money) to buy! I don't know if you can see her eyes....she's wearing white, yes, WHITE, contacts! I swear I was hypnotized by her friendliness + beauty! 

I mentioned to the group, that one of things that I've always wanted to do, was to dress in goth/punk attire! They were all for it, and told me where I can find affordable pieces, and that most of there pieces were "do it yourself"

They also told me about a goth/punk bar-club that was in the vicinity and encouraged me to go one weekend!!!! I was over the moon!!! :)

So, my plan for the month of October is to check this desire/new adventure off the "to do list for life" by:
1. Make a killer goth/punk outfit
2. Convince my husband to make one too (shouldn't be too hard!)
3. Attend a goth/punk bar-club

what is something that you have always wanted to do/try?? why not do it? Yes, you CAN! 

besos, bendiciones y buenas vibras!



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  2. Well look at you! Making goth friends! you are gonna look so fierce. Pues, I really need to get my shop in check. Ill be working on it this week since now I have all the time in the world to do it. besos amiga!

  3. Me encantaría vestirme así... en Halloween!! Espero la foto de cuando salgas a la calle de punk! Saludos!!

  4. lol i love this post! i was so punk in my teenage years so I'm very familiar with the whole scene. love it! thanks for stopping by my blog, we should follow each other.

  5. Go for it! I was totally in the goth/punk scene in the 80's. Now my daughter went through it (boy, that was heartwarming and cute!). Yes, a lot of stuff is altered thrift store items. The key is hunting for something unique and making it totally you. You have a start there with the run in your nylons - now make a hundred more runs on purpose, tie some in knots and you have your own spiderweb nylons! (works best with black - LOL!)

    Now, what have I always wanted to do/try? Sky diving. Someday...someday I surely will.

  6. Hi, thanks for checking out my blog. I have always wanted to pull off a goth look, too, but I smile wayyyy too much ;) What kind of punky goth is PERKY? LOL I love your banner. I will follow, if you like my blog please follow me, too :)

  7. looks like fun :D

    thnx 4 comment... really like ur blog


  8. hey! you have a nice blog, and a new follower! xoxo! <3

  9. Ahaha your blog is soo funny!! I love it!
    Btw.. I went to a goth punk night years ago.. In a pub that was supposed to represent a cementry in Berlin ahah... Just remembering it I keep on laughing!!! :)

  10. Woooooow :D haha
    Nice blog, love it!
    Thanks for ur comment.
    Take care x

  11. I forgot.. I'm a follower now! It is so good to' find people that enjoy life as I do :D ... Follow me back if you want :) x

  12. That sounds like a fabulous adventure! Good luck!

  13. Love your blog! I'm following you now, follow back?
    Love, Maya

  14. Haha looks great to me. You must try everything in life, right?
    Hope you had fun :)

  15. Awesome, October is the perfect time to try a goth/punk look and get away with it :)

  16. You should totally do it! I am sure you'll have a great time and maybe meet some new & interesting people. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog xoxo

  17. OMG you are wonderful, what a great group,sounds like a lot of fun! Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Cosa mi metto???

  18. must try it! I've funny experience with goth/punk costume. Long time ago I wore it with my friends for photo session in an old building at suburban part. When we went home, suddenly a drunkard hit my car. I am afraid can not sue him because he was big and scary-looking. Then I just stopped my car and out of the car. Do u know what happened then? the opposite thing, he was afraid with me because I was in gothic outfit (complete with make up)

  19. Hehe, why not do everything on your list? ;) I also sometimes wish for something- just to try it or for fun. Usually it brings great results ;)
    Have a spectacular day,


  20. hahah so cute! :)
    wanna follow each other?

  21. love your post, is cute!!
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  22. Hermosa! Amo tus comentarios mil gracias!!
    xx so

  23. What a great thing to want to do! Their style is definitely different, but it is so expressive.

    Hmm...anything I want to do? Learn to read music? I just haven't the time or the money to have someone teach me. I could teach myself but I have so much schoolwork...I feel like I could only ever try during breaks.

  24. @Mihaela : hehehehe

    @(Stefanie) : thanks boo!

    @lasophia : heheh yeah, i can't wait to go goth! LOL!

    @Baby Gingham : hehehehe pues, ya casi es halloween! ay que aprovechar ;)

    CottonCandyINK: :) i really love the whole scene!!:D

    @ Justina : thanks for the encouragement!! i am so going to do it!!! woah, being goth/punk in the 80s must have been awesome!! :D thanks for the tips on making goth gear :) ohhhh, i want to do skydiving too!!! i might pee my'm not so fond of heights.

    @ Sarah S. : yes, go goth!!! a smiley punk/goth would be lovely :) hehehe. thanks for the compliment on the banner!xo

    @RoxxyC :thanks, it was :)

    @Quiuui :thank you so much!!

    @Lara Kasabian :thank you!!!!! oh, i'm glad this post brought back memories :P

    @SandM :hehehe thanks!

    @Megan (Best of Fates) : thanks!

    @Maya: much love!!!!!! :D

    @Kirsten :heheh thanks, i am looking forward to dressing up!hehehe. you are right!!

    @CutestPrincess : :)

    @Cosmia :totally!!! :D

    @Sanna : thanks for the encouragement!!!

    @Trees s: that is 1 of things i'm looking forward too!! meeting new people! :D xxoo

    @Fabrizia : hehehe grazzzi!!!! :D

    @Dewliciouz : ahahahahahaha that was a good story!!!!! :) i guess i i will have to ddo goth makeup too!!! thank you for sharing your story!!xoxox

    @ML : hehehehe, yes!! i mneed to do everthing on my list!! thank you so much for your kind words!! totally made my day!!!XXOX

    @a story about M : gracias!!!

    @Trendygemm : THANKS!!!!!!

    @So... : TU!!!!!!! Mu~ECAA!!!!!!!

    @Cindy : hehehe yea, i'm excited to try it! oh, learn how to read music? that sounds hard! what about just playing what you feel? hehehe..that's my way :P

  25. Fun post!


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