Friday, October 7, 2011

Thankful + 25 years

*updated: october 8th, 2011*
I'm always THANKFUL,
for every sight,
for every smell,
for every taste,
for every touch,
for every sound.
For every breath,
for everything,

Tomorrow, I will be 25 years young! :) These 24 years have been full of smiles, laughter, frowns, tears, sorrow, angst, happiness, dreams, ambition, conquering, learning, and most importantly, LOVE. 

I couldn't have asked for anything better. Interesting enough, 25 years  wraps up a chapter of my life, yet, is the beginning of a new one!! I am ready for what's coming because it's going to me AMAZING;

I'd also like to say Happy Thanksgiving (on the 10th) to all mis compatriotas Canadienses!!!

And  a warm thank you to everyone reading and leaving some love!

besos, bendiciones y buenas vibras.


  1. haha you two are too cute. Your marido has got some nice straight teeth. besos.

  2. So totally adorable. Great photos.

    PS. Thx for your comment on my blog and yes would love to follow each other if you like. Let me know if you decide to follow me so I can follow back.

    <3 Marina

  3. Oh happy birthday! you take wonderful photos :)

    now following!


  4. love you girl! you and the hubby are tre cute!!

    xo Carlina

    Happy (Canadian) turkey day!

  5. Belated happy birthday, Nina! I'm sure you had a great time :)
    Apologies had to take a break from the 'sphere.
    But now back with a vengeance...hopefully :)

    Have a great week(end)!

    Joy xx


Thanks for leaving the positive vibes! Many besos,bendiciones and buenas vibras. I will be sure to send them back!xo