Saturday, November 30, 2013

Well done Vauxhall!

A new short movie, brought by Vauxhall Motors marks an interesting time for fashion, film and advertising. The manufacturing and distributing company that is known for notable former production cars like Viva, Victor, Chevete and Lavanier, celebrates its 110th anniversary, not by bringing a new model or a redesigned hubcap like the most car companies do, but by bringing a new video production. A movie directed by one of the fashion industry’s most visionary style maker, Katy England, who recently worked for famous labels like Givenchy and Tom Ford.

Vauxhall’s film, called “Made in England” takes on in a trip with a man, we don’t get to see that much but who definitely seems to be handsome and for some reason lonesome. It is all happening on Britain’s city and country roads. The English unknown man is driving a  Vauxhall car and connects to 4 different groups of young people. The first he gets to meet is a runaway kid, who is lost, somewhere in the middle of the country road; he has a hitchhiker style that matches with his loneliness. In the day light, our man gets to give a ride to another young boy, who is running from a group of rebel teenagers on BMX bikes with angry looks. Later, the music in the car changes to an indie rock song and we see 2 girls in the back, laughing and looking in the mirror, like they are getting prepared for a party. You can notice how happy and full of positive thoughts these girls are, as they look through the window, with hope and big expectations in their eyes. Driving through the city, the handsome man gets to watch the creatures of the night. A group of young friends all dressed up, walking down the street, having fun socializing. Together they bring to the streets a wild cocktail of colors and styles, which makes their look a current and a modern one.

Vauxhall Motors in collaboration with Katy England, presented  a totally new approach to advertising a brand in the automotive industry, which does not only show the pleasure of driving a Vauxhall car but also it is defining the British youth’s choice of what fashion is and how it connects to the modern life.

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