Friday, October 26, 2012

What am I going to wear to the wedding?

Best Dresses To Wear To A Wedding In 2012/2013
So you’ve excitedly received a wedding invitation and the first thing you ask yourself is “what am I going to wear?” If there is one fashion faux pas when it comes to wedding fashion then it’s outshining the bride – so how can you make sure you look the part without stealing the show?

Long and Strapless
There is something about long strapless dresses that denotes sophisticated glamour. We all want to stand out at a wedding and wearing a fabulous long dress will certainly warrant a few glances to be made your way. The strapless option will give the dress a sexy feel, showing a little (but not too much) skin. Whilst long strapless dresses are usually considered timeless dresses for wedding guests, this style of dress is particularly in fashion for the 2012/2013 season – and even brides are getting in on the action!
For guests, opt to wear bright and bold colours such as yellow or green and place a skinny belt around your waist. A great wedding look for the 2012/2013 season is to keep hair and make-up neutral, with less most definitely being more. In terms of shoes, the long length of the dress is perfectly suited to high heels but make sure you don’t go too high or you may find yourself teetering into trouble.

If you’ve got a great pair of legs there is no occasion quite like a wedding to show them off. Tunics are one of the best styles of dresses to wear to a wedding if you want to stand out from the crowd and for 2012/2013, these dresses are all about being emblazoned in bold patterns and bright colours.If you are going to a winter wedding then be sure to ‘winterise’ a bright and flowery tunic by wearing a pair of tights with it and grab some super high heels to show of those stunning legs!

Dresses for wedding guests are designed to be noticed and there is nothing quite as noticeable as a sequined dress that literally sparkles. Sequined dresses that are tightly fitted and fall just above the knee are particularly fashionable for the 2012/2013 Winter season and when worn with a pair of high heels of knee high boots will be the perfect outfit for a winter wedding. Don’t forget to wear a good pair of tights underneath to keep the chill off your legs and grab a shawl or bolero to cover your arms and shoulders when outside.


  1. I've always wanted to wear a long gown to a wedding, since I've never been to a black-tie wedding that I wasn't in, it's never been an option- but, it's on my bucket list! ;)

    xo Carlina

  2. Estos tips han de servirme mucho para una fiesta a la que estoy por asistir
    Saludos Nina =)

  3. Si es de noche me quedo con el sequined si es de día la túnica =)
    Un beso amiga

    Trendy Feeling

  4. Excellent post Nina!
    Long and strapless are my go-to wedding dress!



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