Thursday, July 12, 2012

Classic Ocean's

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Ocean's 11 (2001) is one of my favorite movies as it features el muy guapo Brad Pitt, his homies George Clooney, and Matt Damon. Y los otros respetados actores, como Don Cheadle, Andy Garcia, and Elliott Gould. Oh, and can't forget la pretty woman herself, Julia Roberts. Ocean's 11 is packed with comedy, action and even romance.
Anyways, when remakes are made, I often like to watch the originals. So earlier this evening, after dinner, my husband and I cuddled on the couch and watched the 1960's version of Ocean's 11! One word, classy. It stars Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Angie Dickinson. If you love the 1960's, you will LOVE this casino movie. Seriously, the acting, music, humour and fashion is flawless. I totally recommend you watch Oceans's 11 (1960's). Check out the trailer below:
When you compare the films, you can really appreciate how the remake (2001) pays homage to the classic (1960) version. Both films are great. Have you watched any Ocean's movies? Also got me thinking, I've never been to Las Vegas, let alone a casino! Gabriel has been to casinos in Guadalajara, but has never played at a table, just the machines. I'm kind of intrigued to play some casino games, like roulette. Hmm..tengo una idea, I think our next date will be to the local casino, something new for us as a couple! Hehehe. Now, what do you wear to a casino? I was thinking something along the lines of a cute peplum dress, heels and a clutch, or a cute suit with a feminine touch. What do you think, which look should I go for? 


  1. i adore the sets you created! they are both so chic!

  2. I also love Oceans Eleven, never watched the classic though, will definitely try to find it somewhere! And a peplum dress is a great idea!

  3. Your ideas inspire others because you do things with passion, keep on!

  4. Me encanta ocean´s eleven, twelve, thirteen, la verdad todos!!!! I would totally glam it up to go to the casino ;) Love the peplum!

  5. Yo me quedo con el vestido y los zapatos neon. No soy muy fan de los trajes de pantalón y blazer!

    Se divirtien en el Casino XX

    Trendy Feeling

  6. This has reminded me..I've always wanted to watch the original Oceans 11, the rat pack were an unbeatable crew.


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