Sunday, November 13, 2011

When you fall in love...

What do you do when you visit Chinatown & fall in love with a beautiful red fabric hand-painted umbrella? 
Take pictures :)

Earrings, hand-stamped bracelet & Double-finger ring- Mano y Metal
Hand-painted Umbrella- Chinatown (Chicago)
Heart nude nylons- Aldo
Nude round-toe Shoes- Aldo
Asian Flower Print Dress- Forever21

All Photos taken by: Alejandro Lavin, Jr.

I came across this sticker on a rainy day this week in Chicago... 
& wanted to share it with you, 
so you don't forget.

you are beautiful. 

Have a great week Nina on the Moon Readers! 
It was a pleasure bloggin' for you all! 



  1. nice post! :)


  2. I LOVE those tights (and the umbrella)!!! So cute! Great post :)


  3. i love this post. your style and vibe are great!
    Would love it if youd check out mine and follow me back if you like!

  4. That umbrella really is beautiful! A photo shoot is the only logical solution!

  5. Such cute pictures of you! I am having an umbrella obsession lately. Saw this picture in Pinterest of a wedding decorated all throughout with hanging umbrellas. Would be cool to get a whole bunch of those stickers and tape them to people's cars. Can you imagine how we would make somebody's day???

  6. what a beautiful umbrella!! love your tights so much!! great shirt too!!

  7. THank you ladies!
    @ Vivian- something very cool about how umbrellas can change the entire tone of a room/pics! As for the sticker Idea I KNOW that would be awesome!
    I see these all over chicago, on trains and buildings, so someone is on that mission... :) It def. made me smile when I saw it. So simple but effective right? :)

    Thank you ladies! Have a great week!


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