Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nina on the Moon + Nina Sky

Twin sisters, Natalie + Nicole of Nina Sky inspire me. To witness that sisters can love the same type of art + creative expression, support each other, be professional and  successful is admirable. I love how dedicated they are to their career, and making sure to always be on the move, forward! 

Their chic, funky + fresh fashion style, is rad. They've been my fashion "it girls" for a while! Totally, my type of gear. They can rock absolutely anything, and their confidence, and utmost love for life shines right thru, making any outfit look bang on (+sexy). 

It was a pleasure to meet them, they were both so down to earth and humble. I even told them I was "Nina on the Moon"!! haaaaaaaaaaaay! 

Video below featuring me + Nicole + Natalie...

hahaha, I crack up every time I see the part where I say "Do they know who you are?" and how I giggle after...embarrassing!LOL

 *photos of Nina Sky are from their blog*


  1. fierce photos Nina! You always look so spectacular!! is it bad I don't know who the twins are?? Need to check out their blog asap though! :)

    happy wednesday!

    xo Carlina

  2. wow, i love your blog! beautiful and inspiring pictures...!
    i'm happy to follow here ;-)

  3. Gorgeous looks girls...
    You're awesome.


  4. All of you girls look fab and gorgeous!

  5. wow! They are gorgeous!
    I lost track of them after Move Your Body Girl song... but I am re-inlove with them now! LOVE LOVE LOVE their new look & fashion!!!!!!

    gracias for sharing Nina bella!

    looks like u had an amazing NinaLove bday!


  6. Your blog is a work of fashion! I adore your blog! Comfort inspires me! Your blog very best photo about the fashion....I love..! And all photos are very nice.

  7. They still sing??? wow, i didn't even know!


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