Thursday, April 7, 2011

Love Fearlessly

Love is something so amazing.
 When I stop and feel it in my body,
it takes over.
The love I have for myself;
it gives me the strength to be fearless,
to believe, 
to be myself.


Good day to you! ^.^ I am currently at work, chillin, eating toast with avocado spread all over it; my favorite snack! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading that little poem I wrote (above)! Remember to always love yourself, no matter what. If you love yourself, everything else will fall into place, trust! You were made by love, to continue giving that gift of love to others.
have a great afternoon/evening/night.
besos, bendiciones y buenas vibras
Oh, I would also like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for showing Paola (Hypster) the love! Talked to her today and she is SO EXCITED to see such a great response to her AMAZING bikinis!! Giveaway goes til May 1st, lets keep the support going for this young female entrepreneur! GIRL POWER ^.^ (yeah, I still love the Spice Girls,lol) Let your mom, sister, cousin,aunt, grandma, friends know about it! 


  1. Dear Nina on the moon, I love your love poem! I also love your atop your head like that. Pretty you are indeed! xox!

  2. I absolutely love that quote! I am going to print it out and put it on my mirror. Why is the hardest person to love sometimes, thyself? Great words! Thanks for the inspiration today!



  3. Thanks for the comment :) And that's such a great quote! It's really true.

  4. Yeah, el amor todo lo puede.
    Y wooow,girl, I love your outfit D:
    Los zapatos son, no no, geniales. Muy buenos accesorios también :B
    Oye! Conseguí Contra la pared, la veo hoy mismo y luego te comento qué tal.
    Saludos, que estés de lo mejooor!!


  5. Gorgeous shoes, Nina!! Your poem was very sweet and so true. To be free is to live life as it was intended to be lived.

  6. you. are. gorgeous.
    love those shoes
    and you are so right about how important it is to love yourself!! what a great inspiration you are :)

  7. Love is all there is at the end of the day and some times it's easer to give it to others than to ourselves. Thank you for reminding us to love who we are :)

    Virginie’s Cinema

  8. the poem is so beautiful!!! love it! "if you can find someone that loves the you, you love... well that is just fabulous" (sex and the city quote)
    xxx so

  9. tus zapatos son geniales... bueno, quiero pensar que eres la de la foto... y si no... bueno, seguirè pensando que los zapatos son geniales.

    saludos, feliz fin!!!

  10. That poem is amazing, love it, and so true!

  11. wow este look me a encantado, todo desde el makeup hasta esos divinos zapatos!!

    un besote guapa!

  12. This is SOOO true, Nina! I loved your poem and apprecaite how positive you are. Love love love all the way - all you need is love!

    PS. You look gorgeous as ALWAYS. :)

  13. I love shoes. Excellent weekend.

  14. Nice shoes! Love your attitude, loving yourself is an important thing to do!


  15. i just love those shoes!! =]


  16. love your shoes you're looking amazing as always<3 i love your jacket is so pretty and the color is so freakin fun!

  17. oye muchas gracias por la recomendacion musical, muy buena ya hasta la baje hehe

    y pues aca tambien solo hace un poquito de frio, estamos rondando los 10c de dia y los 1o 2c de noche asi que ya no esta tan mal por lo menos ya no estamos a bajo cero!!

    te mando un besote!

  18. I love your shoes! :) Those are so cute, and you look so pretty!!
    Check out my blog ;)

  19. toast and avocado is the greatest!
    love your earrings lady.
    looking good

  20. me gusta mucho tu peinado!
    y si es como un lip stain, aqui al fin llegaron y sé que los trae revlon y maybelline pero no sé de otra marca.

    que tengas una buena semana :)

  21. you are so gorgeous girl! I love this look and your adorable hair :)


  22. omgggggggggggggg love your shoes and earrings!!
    yesyes i can see us both hanging out if only we were in the same country:( xx

  23. amazing advice, I definitely try to do that!!!!!! LOVE those shoes.

  24. Yes you can use any of my pictures! Thanks again!!

  25. so lovely these shoes!! :*
    visit our blog at

  26. I love the spice girls too!
    the multi colour bikini is my fave :)

  27. cute!

  28. WOW amazing shoes! i love them!!
    thanks for leaving such a nice comment.
    my hair was actually something like an experiment and the final color turned out pretty cool i guess xD
    i really like your blog, consider me as your newest follower!! :)

    xx ju

  29. @mary...thank you so much ^.^ I am glad you enjoyed the poem! <3

    @Angie...awh!!! that is awesome, I am so happy to have inspired you today!

    @Gracie... :)

    @mau.... uhhh y como te parecio la peli?? ahaha mis shoes sone de una tineda xxx.aahahaa

    @Alisha said... :) So happy that you liked my poem! hehehe and my shoes are from a xxx store, can you believe it?!lol

    @Katie Mar ... :) you made me feel so good, glad you enjoyed my poem!

    @Virginie Lavallée Bélanger.. I love what you wrote <3

    @So...ahahaha I am so happy you put that that was aquote from sex and the city..because I wouldn't have known :S hehehe

    @SaRaX ay gracias, si te quedan te los mando! :P son tall 9.5us...y si la de la foto soy yop :)

    @SKB .. so happy you enjoyed it :)

    @ L De...ay gracias amigaaa :))

    @Michele ... love you too friend <3

    @Ytzia A. Gómez... gracias!! y igualmente ^.^

    @Clara ...if they fit you, you can have'em..size9.5us

    @Miksu ...thanks!! ^.^ + energy is contagious :) so lets spread the LOVE

    @NANCYXO,,,merci ;)

    @Cecilia Warner... thank you so much for such a nice compliment :)xox

    @L De.....yay que bueno que te gustaron :)

    @Tonya...yay!!!! :) i <3 that you <3 your gift!

    @islabell ..heheh yay, i think you maybe the only other person i know that like avocado on toast :P

    @c o t e...ay muchisimas graciasS! i will look for the lip stain :)

    @Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's ..thanks lady :)

    @tribal-fox ...gracias!!! ^.^

    @Chelsea Lane...ahh, so kind <3 . thank you veryy much!

    @Rand T ...promise, when i go to your country, we'll meet up? ^.^ jejejej

    @Miss Caitlin S. ...^.^ I just write what's on my mind..what i'm feeling, so I am over the moon when people like what I write and take the +energy in :)

    @GGLUE ...i LOVE YOU

    @Tonya..thanks girl :)

    @uhooi ......thanks :)

    @Heather ... i have such great memories..dancing and singing along to them <3 ahahaha

    @isabelle ...thanks!

    @Ju ...hehehe well i hope my hair turns out like yours!! *cross fingers*
    i am so happy that you enjoy me blog & thank you 4 following <3

  30. I looove the outfit! The colors are really pretty :)

  31. those shoes!!! amazing. you have super cute style. <3

  32. Love this outfit. And your hair looks great in a bun :-) Wish my hair was long enough to do that.

    I have a Free People give-away on my blog if you haven't already entered!
    strawberry freckleface

  33. how did I not see this before????? BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!! :D
    Love it!
    is this your husbands shots?


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