Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What the SuperBowl taught me.

(oh yes, Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush(NFL) back when they were a pair. shoot for GQ.)

I had never watched an entire football game.
I never gave football a chance.
A chance for someone to explain the sport to me.
A chance for me to understand.
A chance for me to ENJOY it.

sO Yesterday I decided to watch the Superbowl? Yeah.
With my Mega Football Fan Friend. She taught me several things about football!

 (1.) Players get 2 weeks off right before the big game. 
NFL, you are so smart! you take those 2 weeks to build the SUPERBOWL WAVE! and it freakin' works!

(2.)Football vocabulary/rules??
touchdown= players have to cross the white line on opposite ends of the field. 6+possibly 1 point if they get the "bonus" kick. i know it has a term, but i didn't catch it!
faircatch=if I catch the ball & am surrounded & am gonna get my head chopped off & bones cracked/broken, the play gets stopped. and you start from where play got called. Confusing, yes!
field goal=3 points. i don't know when you get to kick it,lol.

(3.)Mike Vick
My friend assumed I didn't know who he was. I do, the guy that got charged for dog fights (tsk,tsk!). Anyways, I learned that Mike Vick had his comeback this season. And that it was phenomenal.

the way they throw the ball,
it goes so far.
the way they kick the ball,
it goes so far.
the way they tackle for the ball,
they hit so hard.
that passion.

i gave it a chance, and i LOVED it!

p.s- I was disappointed with the Black Eyed Peas performance. awful. Slash & Usher tried to save'em. i had them on mute & listened to these 2 songs on repeat during half time....

photos belong to GQ


  1. Hola guapa ! Muchas gracias por el comentario en mi blog :)

    BESOTES ! ;)

  2. They look fab together!
    Hope they get together again!

  3. Nice you loved it! I haven't the opportunity to watch super bowl, I'm full of work .. :( Anyway, the photos are amazing!

  4. oh this is the first time ive seen this
    she looks hot as always!

  5. i usually watch those kind of games with my husband and i have learned that 1 NFL minute lasts like 6 real life minutes :P

    Thanks for your comment on the blog, hope to see you again!

  6. Cute post , I am glad you enjoyed it! I love watching football with my father ;)

  7. WOW She is looking great!
    Must say you look much like her on the photos in the post underneath.:-)

  8. @omgitstiffduh: i want them to get back too!

    @isquisofrenia: it was the first time i saw the pictures too, i just googled "kim kardashian & reggie bush" and BAM!

    @pattig: ahaha i also learned that too! 1minute footbal=6real life! lol

    @heart charlie: i watch "futbol" aka soccer with my dad :) i love that bonding time.

    @lisa: made my day!LOL

  9. this was the first year i actually didn't watch the super bowl (went shopping instead). and i am not sure why i watched all the years before b/c i'm not really a fan of the sport. i guess it was for the snacks ;)

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  10. hahaha your a regular football queen!
    I miss Reg bush and kim, they were a cute pair. Now Kim's parading around town with every tom, dick and harry ;) I hate it when I get to attached to people I don't even know!!
    xo Carlina

  11. Soo Sexy :) !
    Kisses from pepa :X

  12. sexy pictures!



  13. these pictures are so beautiful =)


  14. omggggggggggggggggggg!
    reggie bush!
    lo amoooooooooooo, y kim divina como siempre!
    Un beso, suerte!

  15. glad to hear you learned some things!!


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