Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vintage hand-me-downs!

My Mum likes to poke fun at me and my hobby of collecting "old things." Anyways, for some reason my mum told her friend that I LOVE thrift shopping for "vintage" (she likes to say "old things"). A few days later I get a tiny brown box with these goodies inside, from my Maaamas amiga! :) 

I've always wondered about the story that pieces like these hold...

do you have a special collection?


  1. Awww...those are so pretty. Yes, I love love love collecting antique or vintage items. Actually, I like to keep a lot of things! Haha. My favorites are old books. :)

  2. The first earings are amazing! <3

  3. ooohhhh i love the last oone!!!!!!

    amazing collection

    kisses & love from Germany

    have a nice Friday

  4. oh these are special! your mama has some sweet friends!

    xo Carlina

  5. Those are enchanting! Love rings. They spice up my fingers aha!

  6. Pretty!!!!! :) we have to plan a shopping date soon.

  7. Nice items :)
    I have a nice collection of movies :)


  8. @michele: i want to see you book collection!

    @yona: i think i might be giving them away, so stay tuned!!!

    @omgitstiffduh: if ya like'em stay tuned.i'm pretty sure i'm going to give them away 4 a contest :)

    @trendrebajas: gracias guapa!

    @carlina: i know right! :)

    @amy: i'd love to see your rings.xox

    @ale: yes too a shopping date!!

    @mau: oh i bet you doo!! which movie is your favorite tho??

  9. the jewelry is my weak point,beside shoes!:D and your pieces are amazing!!!:) thank u for leaving me the comment!!!!!:) i follow u now on blogger!:)

  10. Que bonitas cosas!!! Sabes ? como yo vivo en un pueblo no encuentro nada vintage...o quizas necesito buscar muy bien.

  11. @chameleon: shoes are also my weak point >.< lol. i'm going to be giving some of those pieces away soon :)

    @lizzy: verdad que si estan padres :) hehehe i love vintage

  12. a mi tambien me gusta coleccionar cosas viejas, tengo varias cosas, pero eso si, siempre trato d sentiras para saber q vibra traen, si es buena o no.... tengo aretes, broches, libros, ropa, bolsas... de todo


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