Tuesday, November 23, 2010


you know when you're feeling so frkn stressed out, that your head is pounding, your palms are sweating and your body feels like its going to burst into a gagillion pieces (think Quintin Tarantino,lol)...that's when you HAVE TO TURN OFF THE BUTTON. yes, that button on the back of your neck. just close your eyes, breathe in deeply thru your nose..grab the back of your neck, and slowly exhale give yourself a hard/slow squeeze while you EXHALE SLOWLY thur your mouth...and LET GO. let go of thinking, of feeling, of caring. GO BLANK. you should be slouching like crazy,if you're sitting..maybe even fall off your chair? lol. safer way, do it on your bed, the floor, your couch..so you can let yourself fall and just lay there for a few minutes.... :)

*remember to  LETGO!!! let me know if ya tried it, how you felt??*

cardigan:banana republic


  1. Aaaah... very relaxing :) I need to remember to do that when I've been on the computer for a few hours! It makes my neck get sore like mad. I love your docs :)

  2. First of all, I like where you took this photo. I almostlooks like you are suspended in thin air!

    Secondly, thank for another inspiring post! When I feel the pressure from work (or from whatever), I take a break. If I need to cry, I go to the bathroom and cry it out, then breathe, drink water, and I'm all okay again.

    Sometimes we really need to just let go, stop and THINK!

  3. I wish that would work all the time but sometimes it doesn't, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet& go through what stresses you out to feel relief..

    love your dress! the first picture is adorable!

  4. That dress looks fantastic! Green and black is a great colour combination!


  5. love the boots and the 1st picture of you:)


  6. love the boots! and that dress is so beautiful, love the color. you look lovely in it!

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  7. Oh my goodness! Letting go is the best in which ever way you choose to do it :) You look so adore laughing and in those fierce boots!

  8. i love the boots:D

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