Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hasta Luego, Summer!

Today, is officially the last day of summer! As mentioned before,I am so excited for fall!! :)  Not only because of how I like to see the leaves change colors; my birthday, my anniversary, and thanksgiving, toques/scarfs, pumpkin spice lattes, halloween and  the love of  wearing layers!

What are some of your highlights from summer? ...i'll TRY TO KEEP my list short: going to nj/nyc,attending my first wedding&being a bridesmaid.also being maid of honour in the second wedding i attended a month after the 1st, throwing a surprise bday 4 my fiance, went to CirqueDeSoleil 4the 1st time, went to the fair,MOVING OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME!

do you have a favorite outfit for summer2010? 
mine is..
Cecilia's bridesmaid dress.


  1. those socks are just so cute! x

  2. that bridesmaid dress is lovely!

  3. im loving the socks with the whole look! and the bridesmaid's dress is gorgeous!

  4. I love the bridesmaids dress and the RED RED lipstick! Bella!


  5. Wow, that wedding is stunning!


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