Thursday, October 17, 2013

Welcoming Parenthood: Hearing Your Heartbeat

Hearing your heart beat for the first time was amazing. Your heart beating is the most beautiful sound I have heard to date, alongside the voice of Daddy singing of course, hehehe. They both move me to tears and make me realize that all of my dreams have come true.

Hearing that heart beat lets me know I have a little bundle of love growing inside of me. You have been blessing us everyday since we found out you were on your way. You've been the best gift and we look forward to loving and guiding you through this beautiful journey of life that you have already started. 

I love you.


  1. Just wait until you hear the first cry. When I heard my daughters,I couldn't stop crying! You get the most amazing feeling. I can't describe it! Congrats!!

  2. This was so beautiful! :')
    Congratulations Nina! <3

  3. Awwwww!!!!! You are making me tear up here Nina.

  4. Sweetest thing I read today :-) I'm excited for you and your husband!

  5. I know! Es el sonido más hermoso del mundo, todavía recuerdo los latidos de mi nena en cada visita al médico.

  6. Awwww es un momento unico felicidades, me hiciste emocionar con tus palabras =)


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