Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm in a GREEN TRANSITION (Beauty)

During the last few weeks I have been doing a little bit of research on eco-friendly (organic, "natural" "green") products. While reading a couple of nights ago, it  dawned on me ....I RARELY read labels, especially on beauty products.

I don't know if it's because I can't pronounce 50% percent of the items listed under ingredients or because I don't know what those really long words REALLY mean? It's probably both haha, seriously...

Maybe I'm just afraid to face the truth? I mean, I'm not stupid, I know that so many chemicals in ONE product can't be good for my body, environment and eco- why am I still using this stuff? Ugh, I read that the average North American woman uses 10 or more personal care products everyday...that is a WHOLE LOT OF SH*T going into me, the environment and eco-systems...

*Takes a deep breath* I don't know, I guess I was a little naive...I thought that living in a Country like Canada meant that the government would be PROTECTING THE PEOPLE. I thought that the regulations on what can go into cosmetics (even food for that fact) would be stricter. But, it turns out I was wrong...

I decided I was going to take five small steps into transitioning my beauty routine into a healthier one..The first step in my green transition was to throw out my regular toothpaste and start making my own. Who knew it was so EASY to make your own toothpaste?! Don't worry a DIY post is in the works! I also decided to stop buying deodarant and start making my own (D.I.Y coming soon!). The third move was to ditch the fragranced body wash and grab a natural handmade bar of soap (read my Escents CALM soap review). Next, was saying ADIOS to my shampoo and conditioner...and only buying either sulfate free shampoo or an organic handmade one. And I'm not using conditioner anymore, I am using a "pre-poo" that I made myself, thanks to my friend Daily who has MANY easy to follow DIY hair masks on her blog, DailyCurlz. Check her blog out for more hair tips!!! 

Are you down to take the challenge and join me in this transition? Just five easy steps!! Let me know what you think! 

PS: Check your product's safety ratings on Environmental Working Group's cosmetic data base.


  1. That's such a good approach. A friend of mine makes her own face mask with coconut oil and sugar. xoxo #giglove

  2. I await the DIY toothpaste post eagerky! But seriously! You're right! I guess even i should start reading the labels!

  3. I've never actually thought of myself as green but interestingly enough I have started doing most of these thing because I just prefer them, if you know what I mean. I find handmade soaps less drying. The same with SLS free shampoo.

    I definitely would like to try diy toothpaste too now!

  4. Sounds great! Making your own toothpaste is quite a good step. Looking forward for your DIY post :)

  5. an interesting post! im really intrigued in the diy toothpaste


  6. I do like eco-friendly, natural beauty products!

  7. Thats Great!! Would love a DIY post on it once you succeed :)

    Giveaway on the Blog!

    xx Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  8. I think it's great that you going to go eco friendly. I can't wait to see your DIY's

  9. did not know you could make toothpaste yourself, that´s a fun discovery to learn about.


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