Friday, March 29, 2013

Thank Him

I want to take this opportunity to Thank Him for his sacrifice, for loving us unconditionally and for gracing us with his presence. He is whom I confide in day and night. He is the one who guides me. 

This season I tried harder to do things that brought me closer to Him. Like lending a hand to someone who needed it. Loving harder, telling those around me how much I love and appreciate them. I try to connect with Him on a daily basis throughout the day, even if it was just to say a quick hello and thank you. I have taken the time to reflect and am aware of what can improve. I am ready to renew my oath in becoming a better me for Him, his love, patience and sacrifice.


  1. ¡¡Feliz semana santa¡¡ preciosa foto Nina.

  2. Loving that oath! Feel free to join me at noon each day for my Gigasecond of Gratitude. I truly believe that if we appreciate from the heart it doesn't need to be longer than that. BB2U


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