Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hispanicize 2013- Nos Vemos en Miami!

The majority of conferences are dedicated to a specific topic like Music, Health or Blogging. But, that isn't the case with Hispanicize 2013, the annual event that is dedicated to "Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in social media, journalism, marketing, film, music and innovation." (More about Hispanicize here).

2013 es un año muy importante para mi esposo y para mi, cada quién hemos estado trabajando en diferentes proyectos en los últimos dos años y finalmente este 2013 llega con muchas sorpresas y es el tiempo de dar el siguiente paso, pues nuestros sueños se empiezan a concretar y que mejor manera de darles el impulso necesario que atendiendo Hispanicize 2013, el evento ICÓNICO en nuestra comunidad Hispana de social media, periodismo, marketing, film, música e inovación que se llevará a cabo del 9 al 13 de Abril en la ciudad de Miami. La combinación perfecta de elementos para esta pareja bloguera-musical que busca aprender nuevas formas de expandirse, explorando nuevo territorios y socializando con personas que comparten los mismos intereses.

I know how quickly people begin to bond and form real friendships through blogging and social media by experience. Many of my closest friendships were made in the blogosphere and I have been fortunate enough to meet some of them in person! Besides providing great panels Hispanicize 2013 also presents a great settings for socializing, networking and building relationships which makes for an unforgettable learning experience. I am looking forward to finally meeting (and giving a BIG WARM hug to) many of my friends and mentors at Hispanicize 2013 when I meet them for the first time. Relationships that are made online can be real and authentic, especially if you invest into it, and connect offline.

Nuestra comunidad Hispana es cada vez más fuerte e influyente. No te quedes fuera de la jugada y se parte de Hispanicize 2013. El evento que tienes que asistir!

Some of the panels We would like to attend during Hispancize 2013:
  • The Blog/Home Life Balance- Become a 'Force' of One
  • Upwardly Mobile and On the Go: The Latina Lifestyle Blogger
  • The Rules of Engagement 2013
  • Return on Relationship: Relationships ARE the New Currency
  • Making Films Latinos Love
  • How to Create Branded Videos that go Viral
  • Breaking into Pandora's Latin Music Selection
  • Beautiful and Bold: The Proud Leaders of Latina Fashion Blogging
  • Connecting with the Digital Latinas
  • Meet the Leading Conservative and Liberal Voices of Hispanic Journalism
  • Your Brand Ought to Be in Pictures
  • Crowd sourcing to Fund your Film Projects on Kickstarted and IndieGogo
  • Going Places: The Further Adventures of Latino Travel Bloggers
  • Negotiating Contracts on a Budget
Miami, here we come!

Aclaratoria: Este post es para mi participación en el concurso “Fly Me to Miami” Blogger Contest de Hispanicize 2013 and Latina Mom Bloggers hosted by Mama Contemporanea.


  1. Hola desde España: os deseo mucha suerte con esos interesantes proyectos que estais poniendo en marcha. Seguimos en contacto

  2. LOL Love the photo. Can't wait to meet you both.

  3. Congratulations!!! Have a great trip!

  4. You did it- you won!!! Very well deserved- can't wait to make you that cafecito now! BB2U

  5. Congratulations, amiga!! Looking forward to seeing you again!! Hugs from my sister and myself!! xo


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