Saturday, March 2, 2013

Battle of the Bulge

Battle the Bulge

We all enjoyed the Christmas festivities but it’s now time to get back to reality and nearly two months later, we should have our pre Christmas bodies back. It can be hard facing social events with the Christmas weight hanging over us but with the help of some great shape wear, you can look amazing in anything; even if you haven’t shifted the Christmas pounds. 

Here’s a little guide to help you find the right shape wear for you:

Body Suits

Body suits are fab as they control so much at once. They’re brilliant for tummy control and for giving your bottom that little extra shape. If you’re after a bit of a waist squeezer, these are great for that too. They pull you in and smooth down your waist in a fantastic and comfortable manner. These are brilliant to wear under dresses and suits, but be warned that in warmer weather, you can get rather heated.

Full Briefs and Thigh Slimmers

Thigh slimmers are great for tummy and bottom control and maintaining a smooth shape under clothes. They are also brilliant for smoothing down those pesky hips and keeping them under control. They are ideal when worn under dresses, trousers or skirts – so anything really!

Full briefs are a great tummy flattener and offer full tummy coverage. As these are not so overly controlling they are great for everyday use.

Control Slips and Vests

Control vests are fantastic if you feel too restricted in briefs or body suits. They offer all over shaping and smooth out your waist, tummy and bottom. They even help give your bust a nice finish and smooth out any signs of the dreaded ‘double boob’. These are best worn under dresses as they are often too long to go under trousers and skirts comfortably. 

Control Leggings

Control leggings are great if you just want to focus on your bottom half. They are fab for defining your tummy, bottom and thighs and offer a lovely silhouette under skirts or dresses. They can be worn under tight trousers or jeans too but this can leave you feeling a little hot under the collar during summer weather.

So you see ladies, there should be nothing stopping you getting out that fab party dress. No matter how you feel, you will look and feel amazing with great shape wear to support you in all right the places.


  1. buen post! gracias por los consejos :)

  2. Hello from Spain: thanks for the tips to be thinner. Anyway it's best to eat healthy and do sports ... I'm telling you from experience. Keep in touch

  3. Good tips, lady! I'm having a rut with not really working out lately- so these are right up my alley!

    xo Carlina

  4. hey how are you?
    love the quide!x


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