Monday, February 25, 2013

Velour, Camouflage and a pinch of Neon

“... no se puede medir el tiempo por días, como el dinero por centavos o pesos, porque los pesos son iguales y cada día es distinto y tal vez cada hora.”   Jorge Luis BorgesBrodie's Report

I receive emails asking how I keep positive and energized throughout my day. And my reply is always the same: I don't dwell on the past and and enjoy my present. I thank Him   for blessing me with Health, Peace and Joy. And I strive to LOVE harder everyday.

I look forward to tomorrow's as everyday is a new adventure, a new challenge. I've learned that I can't measure time by days because like Luis Borges states in Brodie's Report, "everyday, and possibly every hour is different." That's why you have the power to change your life whenever and however you want. LIVE you LIFE by YOUR standards.
Remember to smile, it's contagious,

wearing: Camo beanie - Jacob jacket -  G002 dress - DIY necklace -Y.R.U shoes -


  1. Te he conocido por BEE, te sigo, pasate, estoy de sorteo:, bss

  2. te he encontrado en el grupo BEE. te espero en mi blog


  3. Me encanta el labial que llevas! :) Besos

  4. Lovely post, really great advice :)

  5. Nice advice. I agree with the smile thing-y :) and love your lipstick dear!

  6. Good advice. I noticed my outlook really changed when I started reflecting at the end of my day on all of my blessings. :)

  7. "I don't dwell on the past and and enjoy my present"! i have the same principle too! :D

  8. "I don't dwell on the past and and enjoy my present." Love this quote! We only have one life, can't waste life away by dwelling on the past like you said! <3 GIG

  9. I too try to live in the present. I read a lot of Buddhist texts and they always try to teach that way of being. Lovely photos too hon.
    Angela x


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