Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The Cake and Pies

[Above: Gabriel and I cutting into our wedding cake.]
It's been a year, two months and 5 days since we got married. Yes, I still have some Wedding Wednesday posts up my sleeve, hehehe I want it to last forever. 

For our wedding, Gabriel and I didn't want to have a huge fancy cake. We wanted to have something that people would actually eat, and different flavours. And since the feel for our wedding was vintage, we thought it would be great to have some homemade pies! :) The flavours were peach, pecan, banana and lemon, and they were a hit! Oh, we also decided to throw in a couple of cheese cakes in the mix, also a hit!

Gabriel and I did have a cute little cake just for the two of us. It was pretty romantic...

How do yo picture your wedding cake or dessert table? Or what did it look like for those of you who are married?


  1. I had a 5 tier, almond and vanilla cake. It was delicious and decorated with arabesque patterns, the theme of our wedding :)

  2. Oh it's a beautiful pic and the cake sounds delicious.

  3. Love your pics!! I am sure you'll be loved by many on world's 1st eyewear styling community ——, could we have the honor to see you there?

  4. jijijiji con tu blog voy a tener que estudiar para entenderlo,a tu pregunta creo que no ,me rio jijijijij porque me ha costado entenderte,que envidia (le voy a decir a mi chico de hacer el pastel como tu),estas guapisima

  5. Qué buena idea la de las tartas! Seguro que ahorrasteis dinero jeje Me encanta tu blog y me quedo encantadísima! Un besito

  6. Qué bonita la foto, y me parece súper buena idea lo de las tartas, yo me habría quedado con la de pecan, jeje. Un besito!!

  7. Hola guapa,

    Gracias por pasarte por mi blog y por seguirme. Yo ya te seguía. :-)

    Por cierto, qué bonita foto. :-)



  8. Hola Nina!
    Gracias por tu visita a mi blog y seguirme! Tu blog es muy lindo, me encanto el diseño! :)
    Ya te sigo en Facebook, GFC y Pinterest. En Twitter ya te seguia desde antes!



  9. Love that idea! My aunt and uncle had pies at their rustic Vermont wedding. It was a total hit and SO them! Great idea. ;)

  10. i love this!! we're having a very vintage-inspired wedding too and we're not going to have a traditional cake either. instead, we're going with CAKE POPS (basically cake balls on a stick) since i know a friend who can make them in mass quantities.. haha.. i think it will be cuter and we won't have to cut any actual cake! hahahaha...

  11. FELICIDADES! I wish you both a wonderful life together!

    The cake looks amazing! I actually want a very large cake. I want something decorative and fancy.

    -Erica xx


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