Monday, January 14, 2013

Coyoacán, Frida's Barrio #MexicoMonday

[Above: Fuente de Los Coyotes]
Coyoacán, is a beautiful Historic borough in Mexico City. It is where you can find La Casa Azul, home of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. You can also find Anahuacalli, the museum that Diego Rivera's  designed, which houses his personal collection of Pre-Hispanic art and much of his amazing work. 

I love Coyoacán because it is bursting with history, culture, tradition and great food! Plaza Hidalgo is at the center of Coyoacán, it is a garden/park with Municipal building, Parish San Juan Bautista, Cafe's, Restaurants and the Mercado Artesenal Mexicano (Flea Market).

Gabriel and I usually start off with taking a stroll in Plaza Hidalgo, then we head on over to the Mercado Artesenal Mexicano for some vintage and one of a kind goodies. After a couple of hours of hunting for unique things, we grab some food at one of the many restaurants. After eating our meal, we always grab a cafecito at a cafe!

Have you ever been to Mexico City?
[Above: Casa Municipal on the right]
[Above: Parish of San Juan Bautista]
[Above: Coyotes at Mercado Artesenal Mexicano]
[Above: Kiosk de Plaza Hidalgo]


  1. ahhhh ... this goes on the 'places must visit' bucket list.

  2. Lovely photos! I've never had the pleasure of going, but my bestest friend in the world lives in Mexico City...

  3. Quiero conocer Coyoacan siempre que voy a la ciudad de México, quiero hacerlo y por algo no puedo.
    Saludos Nina

  4. Que belleza. I hope I can visit one day xx


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