Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Love is Sweet, Have some treats from our candy bar

Gabriel has a very sweet tooth, and since we've been together, I've gotten very used to having something dulce everyday. So we decided that it was necessary for us to have a candy bar at our wedding, make that a sweet and spicy one! Hehehe.

A day before our wedding, Magi (one of my sister in laws) and I went to el mercado de dulce to pick out some mouth watering candy for the candy bar. We thought it would be a good idea to get some traditional Mexican candies, since my family and friends were coming from Canada, Honduras and USA, and had probably never tried them candy before! I also picked up some of Gabriel's favorite candies from childhood. Oh yeah, I also grabbed some cute little marshmallow cones that looked like ice cream...
The majority of the candies came individually wrapped, so we didn't have to do anything to those since they were going to be placed into large glass vases on the candy bar. Oh, and the lollipops, were just placed into oval tin cans with shredded tissue paper.

The treats that weren't wrapped individually, we packaged ourselves and put them into two large wicker baskets.

Oh yes, we also had some "rines" (ree-nez) de harina that we packed into little cellophane bags. They are like a type of chip, but made of flour, and they are so tasty with chile y limon! Yes, we did have the hot sauce ready for'em! Hehehe.

Our candy bar was a total hit with our National and International guests! :) Here is the list of dulces that we used for our candy bar...
  1.  Obleas (Las Sevillanas): Candy wafers
  2. Rokaleta: 4 layers of spicy and salty lollipop
  3. Pelon Pelo Rico, Tama-Roca, Pulparindo, Rebanaditas: Variety of tamarind/chile candy
  4. Rines: Flour chips
  5. Banderitas de Coco: Coconut candy
  6. Chicle de bolita: Gumballs
  7. Miguelito: Liquid chamoy
  8. Mazapan (de la Rosa): Peanut candy
  9. Paletas de Colores: Swirl lollipops
  10.  Chocoretas: Mini chocolate balls.


  1. What a great way to celebrate your wedding and your culture! In response to your question about diet coke/coke, I would personally choose real sugar over the chemicals in diet coke. Buuuut I think they're just as bad for you. :( You're so right though, burgers and pizza require soda!!! :) Thanks for sharing this part of your wedding - I love it!

  2. Candy?? Always YES for me! Obleas!:) I eat them with a spread of Dulce De Leche on top, soooo yummy!

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  3. I absolutely love the idea of a candy bar! I definitely have a sweet tooth!

  4. I love the idea of a candy bar! I must keep this in mind for my wedding.

  5. i Love candy bars at any event... but a wedding is the best ever! if i ever get married I want one too! Love this! xo.

  6. Wow Nina we are so similar :) My husband and I also had a similar candy bar when our wedding took place last year! My favorites are pulparindo and rebanaditas :)


  7. I love Candy Bars!! I would prefer that over cake for sure!!

  8. Yummy, I love vintage sweets! That should be your next post. We should collaborate lol
    Grt post Amiga.

  9. Obleas are amazing. What a great idea to do a Candy Bar for a wedding. I guess since I'm already married, I'll have to incorporate the idea into an anniversary or b-day!

  10. You guys are too much lol! love it!! - Sweet Tooth FOREVER!

  11. What a great idea!!! I want to get married again to copy this!!

  12. What a wonderful idea for special family occasions! Love the assortment of candies! Awesome post, amiga!

  13. What a great idea. I love almost each and every one of those candies, especially the Pelon Pelo Ricos!

  14. You had rines at your wedding! You can do no wrong in my eyes!

  15. Yum@!!! Everything looks great!! I love candy bars more than cake!!

  16. WHat a great way to mesh the cultures!! Great Idea Nina!!


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