Monday, July 9, 2012

Bowen Island, a sweet escape

Where do you go to get away from the busy city noise?

Bowen Island, British Columbia is relaxing 20 minute ferry ride from the mainland. My husband and I love going to Bowen Island either for daily trips or romantic weekend getaways. We actually had our civil ceremony on a cliff on Bowen Island, last June! :) You can see some pictures of our ceremony here.

Bowen Island has a small town feel; kids roaming around freely, everyone is friendly, and I'm pretty sure the locals all know each other by name! I also think it is pretty cool that there isn't any big franchise, like McDonald's on the island.

Speaking of food, my husband and I love having picnics in Crippen Park, and the grabbing gelato afterwards. If you visit Bowen Island, you should definitely try the Fish n Chips at Doc Morgans, so delicious! Their patio in the summertime is awesome too, a great view of the marina.

If Gabriel and I were to settle down in Canada, we would defintely live in Bowen Island; the scenery, the community; it's just so chill. Seems like a perfect place to raise a family.

You can visit Bowen Island by taking the ferry from Horseshoe Bay or the water taxi from Granville Island or Coal Harbour. We prefer taking the Queen of Capilano over since it only costs $11.15 roundtrip, compared to the whopping $40 roundtrip that the water taxi charges.


  1. Beautiful photos~~ I head to Newport Beach, California to escape the city's hustle bustle. My boyfriend splits time btwn there and Phoenix, where I live. It's just so much calmer on the water. Love the pics you shared!

  2. This is truly picturesque! It looks like such a gorgeous place to get away from it all.

  3. awe you and your hubby are so cute! <3
    fish and chips! Ive ALWAYS wanted to try that and also chicken and waffles! :)

    cool bike!

    I need a getaway too!


  4. That place looks pretty cool! Who doesn't love islands? Sounds romantic to get away together. I've always wanted to go to Catalina Island but right now I can't physically go too many places. Im blowing up Nina. 8.5 months. hijole.

  5. Beautiful pictures.
    Looks like a great place.

  6. Aaaaw you look so cute. Espero verte el jueves en PC.
    Un abrazote!!!

  7. Me parece un sitio precioso!!!!!


  8. Amazing place!! Love Nature!!


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