Thursday, June 14, 2012

Do it Yourself [#4]: Floral Headband

I've been obsessed with floral headbands ever since my friend Alex gifted me one (pictured below) a few months ago. Floral headbands are the perfect accessory for any season. Yes, any season! I've worn my floral headband in the Winter, Spring and can't wait to rock them this Summer.

Currently, the weather in Vancouver has been dreadful; rainy and grey. But, it's nothing out of the ordinary, so over the years I have been making an effort to wear items that shout "sun, come out, come out wherever you are!" on gloomy days. Like bright shoes, nail polish and of course, floral headbands!
Floral headbands provide a feminine and romantic touch to any outfit. Seriously, throw on a floral headband and you're good to go. The beauty of floral headbands is that they can be worn for any occasionYou can sport one for a casual date, or even to a wedding! 

Hehehe, did I mention that I wore a floral headband for our wedding? It was the perfect statement piece; soft, romantic, elegant, and vintage. It wasn't over bearing, or over the top; it meshed perfectly with my bridal gown, and veil. Kind of like the cherry on top of the ice cream...
Floral headbands are super easy to make. I prefer making them, since I get to pick out the flowers and headband. Oh yeah, they are a lot cheaper to make yourself than buying at a store!
You'll need: Headband, Plastic/fake flowers and a glue gun. You can purchase headbands and fake flowers at a dollar store!

First, heat your glue gun. Then, pick your flowers and pull them off of their fake stem. While the glue gun is heating up, decide where you'd like the flowers to go, and mark it with an x. The more flowers the merrier, hehehe.

Grab a flower, place it "lying down" on the makred spot on the headband, and generously apply some glue onto the bottom of the flower (where the stem was). Hold down for 15-20 seconds. To secure the flower, you can generously apply some hot glue onto the bottom of two petals, closest to the headband, and gently glue them down to the headband. Repeat for remaining flowers! HAVE fun!! 

I've also put some flowers onto hair ties and elastic headbands. But instead of gluing them, I stitch some of the bottom petals of the flower onto a small piece of fabric and then stitch that onto the hair tie/headband.

Do you own a floral head band?


  1. the result is so stunning!!! ^^

  2. wow this is soo simple....lovely DIY :)

  3. precioso baby!! seguro que lo llevo a cabo xDD voy a por una diadema.....

  4. Love it! You know I love wearing stuff on my head haha. I even made a big black paper flower headband for my dad's memorial service. I never posted it, too personal. Amiga I need your social networking help, Im in a national style competition called Project style. You can go vote once a day, will you post my link to your FB and twitter? I must win! It's between me and another girl. Mil gracias.

  5. You look so great in your floral headbands, Nina! I especially love the one your wore for your wedding!

    xo, alison*elle


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