Wednesday, May 9, 2012

LALLBLOG VIP KICK OFF: The Los Angeles Brewing Company and Milani Cosmetics

Photo credit: Danilo Martinez

April 27, 2012- As several of you know, I was in LA two weeks ago for the the Latina Lifestyle Blogger Confrence.  Thursday night was the VIP kick off  at The Los Angeles Brewing Company, in Downtown Los Angeles

The evening consisted of tastings, makeovers, and making those relationships that were made online, finally connect offline! It was an amazing experience to finally connect in person with some of the bloggers that I've had a friendship with for quite some time now. For example, my home girl Carlina from Allergic to Vanilla and I have been friends for a couple years now, and had never met til that evening! Awhh, melts my heart! I also had the pleasure of meeting some bloggers that I hadn't met online before, like Veronica, from Veronica Glam.

Oh, I was amazed to discover that The Los Angeles Brewing Company has 100 beers on tap! They provided LALLBLOG with beer and wine tastings and some delicious appetizers that included: Baked meatballs, stuffed shrooms, sliders and finger lickin' mini sandwiches. 

If you live in, or plan to visit LA, ya need to check this place out!
750 South Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90014

photo credit: Danilo Martinez

Photo credit: Danilo Martinez

I also had the pleasure of meeting some of the dedicated women behind Milani Cosmetics, who also generously sponsored LALLBLOG with mini makeovers, head shots and goody bags full of their latest products.

Photo credit: Danilo Martinez

To be honest, I had never heard of Milani Cosmetics before that evening, probably because I don't invest a lot of time or money on make-up. But, I was incredibly intrigued by Milani Cosmetics for several reasons; First, their "colors with impact" are totally up my alley. I love everything bright, dark and bold! Milani do brights, darks and in betweens right. 

Second, their products are high quality and affordable; I would say that their stuff is just as good, or even better than MAC. Milani is "every woman's affordable luxury." 

Photo credit: Danilo Martinez

I was also able to try their amazing high speed, fast dry,one coat formula nail polish, and it totally rocked my world! I mean who doesn't love a one coat nail laquer that looks as if you put 2-3 coats on? I know I do, especially since I am super impatient when it comes to letting them dry, hahaha.

Anyways, there are some awesome things in the works between Milani Cosmetics and Nina on the Moon, so stay tuned ;)

Photo credit: Danilo Martinez


  1. Still sad I missed it and now even more because that blazer is beautiful! donde lo compraste? En Candada? You look beautiful!

  2. Nice! the best about this is food and make up :)
    Cute photos.

    See you!

  3. Que guapa estás!!!! por aquí en España se habla muy bien de Milani pero es poco accesible ;-)

  4. This was such a fun night! It was great hanging with you and raiding the milani goodie bag bar...ahahha!

    x carlina


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