Wednesday, May 23, 2012

H&M Conscious Collection 2012 [Spring]

This post is a little bit overdue! Before my husband and I left for Los Angeles in April, we had the pleasure of attending an event at H&M, in honour of their Conscious CollectionSpring 2012. Not gonna lie, it's not often that I purchase items from mass produced clothing stores, but this sexy little number was very tempting. Hahaha, I tried it on, but fortunately, it was see thru. And the slit is so high up, that a slip wouldn't do the trick, lastima because it looked caliente!
Photo Credit: H&M, Conscious Glamour Collection 2012
It was great running into a few familiar faces, like Cee from Coco and VeraMina from Glitter in My VeinsMcKenneth from Little Fashionisto, and Felix from Yuki and Bee, who were also checking out the Conscious Collection!
Have you seen the H&M Conscious Glamour Collection?


  1. Que precioso ese vestido amarillo!
    Un beso hermosa♥

  2. i adore h&m.that dress is amazing!
    love the yellow's so wonderful!
    beautiful pics.

  3. Beautiful photos! I really love that collection - what a stunning dress!

  4. That yellow dress is super hot, pity about the see-through-ness! Love what you wore to the event too :)

    xo, alison*elle

  5. Amigaaaaaaa!!! que bonitaaa amo tu blusita y tu falda te vez divina.. definitivamente cuando vengas a México hay que vernos necesito hacer un video o shooting contigo esa cabellera negra tuya necesita ser explotada al máximo y sacarle provecho besos

  6. La conocía, el vestido es precioso, es una idea muy buena!

    PS: estoy de sorteo en mi blog, puedes participar AQUI - ROCOCO BERRY GIVEAWAY

  7. You are the sweetest girl in the world! And such a wonderful blogger. I am loving the current H&M Conscious Collection, but for some reason haven't been able to bring myself to actually buy any of it either! For shame! =P.

    <3 Jo of

  8. Me encanta tu estilo... te ves muy linda.. Me encanta la ropa de H&M ... Voy a buscar la Colección “Conscious Collection” .... Un abrazo,

  9. Cool event Nina. I didn't even know you had gone. I'm pretty sure the mint dress I wore the first day of the conference was from this collection. Funny what you say about mass produced clothing cause I felt kinda weird buying a dress there! But it was so beautiful and I mixed it with my own DIY accessory it was all good in the end. Love your fit in these pics mamasita.

  10. nina! you rlly pull off the floral + maxi dress look! it looks really great! Hmmm.. i wonder if they have that same collection in the H&Ms in Hong Kong? I'll have to go lurk around and see... haha =D


  11. sounds like fun! :) I agree, that dress really looks amazing, but sometimes, they just aren't right unfortunately. I haven't checked out the collection yet; I'll have to see what else they have!



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