Monday, February 6, 2012

Resist dyeing with bright colours

Good morning!
Lately, the weather here in the city has been beautiful, almost Spring like! The sun is rising earlier and the sun is finally shining down on us, after what seemed like two weeks of non stop rain, and heavy winds.

This happens to be one of my favorite skirts for the winter because of it's vibrant color. Oh, the rose buttons are pretty rad too. I collect vintage scarves, but never wear them. I have had this funky tie dye silk scarf for about two years now, and this is the first time that I rocked it! :) Just felt that the colors would blend well with the rest of the outift.

The belt was my grandma's, and when she passed on, I was lucky enough to go through some of her clothes and pick out my favorite items. I have belts, sweaters, shirts, purses, a dress and jacket that belonged to her.  I love to wear the items that were once hers because I feel as tho she is closer to me; her presence is felt, I close my eyes, see her and smell her signature fragrance and hear her quirky voice
Always remembered, and never forgotten. 

Do you have any items that you cherish because they were once someone's who has passed on? what is it? do you wear it often?


  1. you look stunning, I love your skirt

  2. love the vibrant colours! :) you have pretty photos.
    have a great day ahead.


  3. mirraaaa. K bonita te ves. Tu pelo es tan largo, no sabia. Wish mine was like that. I'd whip that pony tail all day, ery day. I do have things of people that have passed on, my grandma's wedding rings, my dad's Levis. One pair that I had cut into shorts. I hope to have a daughter so one day I can give her all my stuff. I have the same scarf problem as well. I usually make them into bows for my hair.

    1. i know, my hair is usually up in a ya can't tell how long it really is! girl, you know i whip my hair back and forth!! :P that is cool you have special things that were passed down to you! and that is a good idea,scarves =bows in hair! I'm gone have to try!!

  4. OMG! que bella!
    I cannot get over your long beautiful hair!!!


    1. hehehe, i whip my hair back and forth, ferr suuuuuure! :)

  5. You are very, very pretty and this outfit really does you justice! I love the bright colors combined with the neutral cardigan!
    Hope to keep in touch!

  6. Cute blog nina, and yes i do have many things from my nana and grandma who have both passed including pearl necklaces, pressed flower brooches and gorgeous floral tea sets.
    I started another blog called when she was young thats dedicated to the women from our past.

    Im following your cute blog now you can follow me back if you like xx

  7. Gorgeous. and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)


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