Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The bridesmaids and their attire

For my very special day, in Guadalajara, Mexico, I had the pleasure of being accompanied by eight of my of my closet friends. Four came from Vancouver, Canada; one from New Jersey, USA, one from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and the final two ladies, from Guadalajara!

How did I decided to have eight bridesmaids? 
Actually, it was pretty easy. I wanted to have the girls who I've grown up with and shared incredibly special moments together; like winning soccer tournaments, doing my hair and make up for parties, sharing clothes, playing barbies, playing house, teaching me how to cart wheel, and trips to new cities. I also wanted to have my sister in laws, in the bridal party as well, because although we have only known each other for about four years, it feels like an eternity! Hahaha, we clicked the first day we met! We cry, we fight, we party, we have sleepovers, make overs, we laugh...everything that sisters, and best friends do! And that's how I ended up with eight beautiful, strong women by my side on my wedding night!

How did I decide on the bridesmaid dress?
I wanted the bridesmaids to wear coral. I think it was about five months before the wedding, when I found the Coral dress. My mother, and father were kind enough to drive me and two of bridesmaids down to Everette, Washington, to look for bridesmaid dresses. The mission was to find the bridesmaid dress. We went to various department stores, like Nordstrom because I wasn't looking for anything expensive and super fancy. Anyways, long story short, we ended up at David's Bridal and after trying on what seemed to be 50 different dresses, in different colours and sizes...I found the one for them! Yahoo!

Dun, dun, dun, one of my sister in laws was living in New York at the time, and went to try on the dress at her local David's Bridal and it did not fit. She is very slim, and their smallest size, a zero, fit her like a sac of potatoes. Ugh, so we decided that if it doesn't fit her, it probably won't fit my sister, her sister and sister in law. I did not want my bridesmaids to dish out one hundred and fifty dollars for alterations, considering the dress was just over one hundred dollars.

So, what did I do? I decided I would have my four sisters in one dress, and friends in another. This meant sending my sister in laws, in Mexico, on a mission, that wasn't complete until, about three weeks before the wedding! Hahaha.

My bridesmaids, in coral, thankfully didn't have to get alterations done! Their dresses fit them perfectly. Actually, I think some hemmed them up, sexy!

Their Accessories and Shoes
I know some brides have specific instructions their bridesmaids must follow regarding the accessories and shoes they will wear for the big event. I thought about it, but quickly realized it was not my style. Besides, I wanted the girls to be comfortable. So, they got to choose what earrings, bangles, rings, purse (if any), shoes they rocked that night.

Their Make up and Hair
Again, I did not have any specifics. They did their make up and hair as they pleased. I did have a MUA and hair stylist on hand in our hotel room, for those who wished to use their services.

Their bouquet 
It was a few days before the wedding, when we decided they would carry a bouquet of white roses. We wanted something simple and romantic!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love your dress and the coral color of the bridesmaids dresses! Hope your day was wonderful!

    xoxo Rosalia

  2. Aw how lovely!!! I think it is so cool that you had the two different dresses. These are beautiful pictures, and thank you for sharing with us! ^-^

    1. :) thank you for enjoying an always saying such wonderful things! xO

  3. Your dress is SO perfect on you! :)

  4. Everyone looks so beautiful! All the colors worked out great. Muy elegante.

  5. Love this post! :D Nice story and you look so pretty :)

    PS: My word verification is DANGER :P

    1. thank you so much,amigo :D
      oh because you are so dangerous!! the internet knows everything.. :/ hehe

  6. You look gorgeous! So do your bridesmaids! Beautiful pics!

  7. This was just so happy...I love hearing about love and YOUR wedding! You and your bridesmaids look gorgeous!

    1. AWwwwh, muchas gracias! I am happy you enjoy these posts!! xo

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you for your generous compliments <3

  9. Awww! beautiful bride! congratulations on your wedding! Love that boquet of flowers you are holding!!

    Thanks for stopping by my page...follow each other?

  10. so cute, loved the idea of two different colors on the bridal party!! Savvy girl!

    xo Carlina


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