Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meet Vanessa and Company + Giveaway

A little about me huh? Well, I'm a native Southern California girl, and I still live about ten minutes from where I grew up! I love it here, and over the last several years have really fallen in love with the Mexican culture. I'm Mexican-American, and I've always loved the culture, but as I've gotten older, I've really learned to appreciate it. I'm also really inspired by the bright colors, and the warmth that they represent. I actually started out sewing children's clothes, which I loved, and still do occasionally, but my true passion is my home, and making it feel warm and welcoming. I work in my tiny (and I mean tiny) home studio surrounded by the sounds of my two daughters, Sabrina and Coco (they are 12 and 8), and I've been married to Oscar, for almost 14 years (this month!). I truly love what I do, and look forward to continuing to grow my business in the coming years.

Vanessa is generously giving away a $40 credit (to her Etsy shop) to ONE lucky Nina on the Moon reader! She is also offering a 10% discount to you, with the code NINAMOON10.

Vanessa and Co Etsy
Vanessa and Co website

Vanessa and Co blog

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  1. really cool!
    Lovely Greets
    Maren Anita

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  2. Heart the shop & item.
    Name: Damla

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for inviting me to yours. I am definitely following you as of now because your blog is absolutely adorable and brought up feelings about home to. Love the 'feel' here. You look very young, I am amazed to read that you have 2 daughters, I am on my way to your links, Oh, BTW: Adoro la imagen de la virgensita de Guadalupe. Bella!

  4. wow the shop's items are amazing and so different! love!

  5. Hi!
    I want to enter
    I have had problems with facebook and I don't know if it's all right. In the afternoon I'm going to try again and I will say.

  6. heyyy... M here as u asked me to :) lovely giveaway..
    I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog n fr ur lovley comment..:)

    n hey
    It's my first Giveaway.. thererfore it would mean a lot to me
    My First INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAYcelebrating 100 followers :)

  7. I hearted shop and item ( as LuckyAngel

    Name on FB : Lucky-Angel And-Giveaways

  8. I AM MEXICAN-AMERICAN TOO! I was born in Los Angeles and lived in Pico Rivera!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME!

    Please come again, and I wish you a wonderful season! FELIZ NAVIDAD! Anita

  9. I love how u tell us about urself.
    lovely blog. can feel all the love surrounding u.
    following u now!!!

    merry xmas x

    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  10. thx for the comment on my blog :)
    I entered the giveaway, it's amazing <3


  11. hey, yeah that was my own writing :) i have copyrights as well :P

    thanks for your commnet :)

    following you - follow me back

    love x

  12. thanks for visiting my blog and let me know. Cute blog, I'm following you and enter the giveaway as well

  13. What a wonderful artisan! She's so proud of who she is too. :)


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