Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Truth Tuesday [#14]

I have been slacking lately on the post, so sorry :/ I have been so busy with planning the last minute details of my wedding (11-11-11). I just made my guest book last night, phew! Still have to buy my intimates for that day, my shoes, my accessories, amongst other little things. We leave on the 30th for Mexico! So excited, just thinking about that day makes all the butterflies in my tummy go loco. I swear they'll fly out if I open my mouth,lol. Yippe!

Any wedding day advice for me???

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besos, bendiciones y buenas vibras


  1. I may not be married, but an old lady once told me, "When you get married, the secret to maki9ng it last it: Never go to bed mad"

  2. Weddings are so lovely! Relax, smile and enjoy :))


  3. I'm also not married, but I do wish that you'll have fun and try not to stress out too much! The day is supposed to be the beginning of your new adventure, so don't be too OCD about making sure everything is perfect because it's only the beginning :)

    - Sharon

  4. wow... congratulations. your getting married. Best wishes... :D

  5. congrats, you have good advise here, dont worry so much it will all come together just fine!!!!

  6. Thanks for your comment.
    luck with your wedding.
    I follow you now.

  7. soo happy for you dear! your wedding is pretty much the best day of your life.

    make sure you let all the stresses go on that day. drink in every moment with your new hubby. everything that must come together WILL come together! and if you can, sneak away from everyone for a teeny little makeout sesh between the events. :) it's the bomb!


  8. love this photo!! Congrats on the wedding. I am new to your blog, I love it! :)

  9. Good luck with your upcoming wedding... mine is this weekend! and I'm in 'freak out' mode!!!


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