Monday, September 12, 2011

Speak Now Concert

I attended Taylor Swift's Speak Now World Tour last night in Vancouver! :) I wore a cute green dress and cowboy boots!! The show was AMAZING! This is the second time that I attended one of her shows, the first was about three years ago in Seattle,WA. She is such an amazing entertainer, she was on stage from 8-10:55! And the stage changed about five times, and her outfit changes were so lovely! Always so chic 'n sophisticated! All of the hard work and dedication she puts into her craft and especially the love she has for her fans, is heart warming! T-Swift even humbling is that? 

What was the most recent concert you've been to? 

Hope you had a lovely weekend! And please, don't forget to read the interview with Leesandra and enter the giveaway ;)

besos,bendiciones y buenas vibras!


  1. You look so pretty! And thats so cool you got to see Taylor perform! XOXO,

  2. I love the green dress its very refreshing.

  3. you look soo pretty!! and omg i love taylor!! never been to a concert before =[ would be nice to experience it tho hehe..


  4. I love your outfit. We just took my daughter to the Selena Gomez concert last Wednesday. She only performed for a little less than an hour and a half but it was all pretty good and I guess perfect timing for a thousand of little girls screaming.

  5. ohh i love concerts! last concert was robyn and 50 cent. woo!
    COME and check out the giveaway on my blog!

  6. ¡Ninaaaa! :) Aló aló, gracias por seguirme en mi nuevo blog ;)
    Tu look está genial, green all the way.

  7. love that green dress! +cowboy boots!



  8. cute outfit! very fitting for a t-swift concert. i recently seen erykah badu perform and florence and the machine, earlier in the year. it was amazing!!! i love concerts, i try to go as much as i can :)

  9. The best concert ever.... I saw Green Day in June 2010, it was awesome but my favourite band My Chemical Romance was even better! They were here in March :) check out my post from there!


  10. I used to hate Taylor Swift but now i kinda like her lol. Even though i don't know all her songs i would still go to her concert because of curiosity. Going to girly concerts is the best thing ever!

  11. You look bien flacita in your green dress and botas. Are you sure your wedding gown doesnt fit? Taylor cried? That is passion right there. She looks the same as she does in magazines. Love love love your botas.

  12. @Natalya's Closet : THANK YOU!!!

    @Aggie602 : I really enjoy the color too :)

    @ThisIsAlx : thank you!!! converts are so much fun!! which would you like to go to?

    @ Vivian :thank you!! Oh Selena Gomez, I admit, I kind of danced to that snng about love?? love you like a love song?? lol..

    @amalie : oh i would like to see robyn!! and 50cent, you little gangsta! :)

    @If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) : thanks boo!

    @ Mau V. : it's great to haveyou back ;)

    @Mano y Metal : hehehe gracias,amiga!!

    @Just Another Shopaholic :thanks!!

    @MKYK : i would love to see erykah badu!! i loved her last cd!! :)

    @Miksu :misku!! where have you been? i <3 green day!!! i have seen them once and it was so uch fun!

    @FashionFreak/Mihaela :me tooo!

    @Yona : lol, well i went thru that faze too! after loving her..then i was like..ugh so much of your muic souds the same!lol...then i went back to loving her..ahahah bc she's too damn cute!

    @Tara :gracias!!!

    @lasophia : oh damn, you made my day!! lol, but yeah,,i dont fit into it long will it take?? LOL. i have only ran once this week..osea, i'm SLACKING!!! so i gotta do some yoga or belly dancing or dancing,perios...tonite..ahaha.. yeah man, esta igualita la taylor en real life as in las revistas!!! SO DAMN GORGEOUS.

  13. thanks for the post
    beautiful photos
    can you follow me?

  14. YOU MET TAYLOR SWIFT???? OMG! What an experience!!!!!!!! Aaaaa!!!! Your so lucky! and your green dress is gorgeous!!!


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