Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Truth Tuesday [#5]

I'm planning a party to fundraise money ($1125, to be exact) to buy 200 mosquito nets for the 200 children at the Christian Upliftment School in Uganda, where my husband and I sponsor 4 girls. 

Uganda has the third highest deaths from malaria in Africa, we can help out by getting mosquito net to place around the kids beds, so they won't be bitten while they sleep (dusk-dawn is prime-time for mosquitos to attack!).

 Mosquito nets  provide a critical line of defense against the spread of malaria. Nets can avert around 50 percent of malaria cases and reduce all-cause child mortality by approximately 18 percent.

if you'd like to chip in, you can click below! 


  1. This is a great cause. I can't stand mosquitos. I have a little pond where my turtle lives and every morning I have to scoop out those tiny little "boats" that are filled with mosquito eggs. They hatch within 24 hours, so I always check so that they won't have a chance to grow.


  2. This is wonderful! I've got to get my truth posted.... I'm behind on my posting. It's ready to go though... better late than never. You are an inspiring lady!

  3. @azu: i didn't know that they hatch in 24hrs, that's intense! and how awesome that you have a pond and pet turtle!!! <3

    @tara: i'm headed over to read your truth! xo

  4. Good for you! That is awesome of you to do such a selfless act :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Amazing! I did a project like this a couple years ago. It's incredible how much compassion we really do have for others!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/


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